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International Students

Intro to Evangelism

Sydnie Gabbard

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of International Students

International Students
"80% of international students will never enter an American church while in the United States."

"75% of international students will never enter an American home while in the United States."

-International Students Incorporated
"In his wisdom and compassion, God has brought the mission field right to our door and affords us the outreach opportunities of a lifetime."
--George Barna
Bridges to Sharing the Gospel
Practical Ideas
English practice help
American culture help
Academic help
Serve them and meet their needs
Be a student of their culture & language
Be intentional about connecting with them
Barriers to Sharing the Gospel
Cultural Christianity
Can be from either culture
Knowledge vs true belief
Learn to distinguish between culture and true Christianity
Denominations, dress, etc.
Christian jargon
Project vs Unconditional love
Differing concepts of relationship
How to Effectively Demonstrate and Declare the Gospel
Roy Yabuki
Crucial topics:
Creation to Christ
Jesus' life, works, identity
Repentance and dying to self
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Personal relationship
Be able to answer the cultural questions
Pray for them!
Key Issues to Discipling New Believers
Stripping culture from Christianity
Life as an example
Being prepared to answer their questions: 1 Pet 3:15
Time-continue building the relationship
Life on life
Help them understand the basic tenets, then build off those
Reliance on the Holy Spirit
"There is a whole population at OBU that say they want to be missionaries but right next to them, there is a Chinese student that doesn't know Christ, and they aren't ministering to them."
--Nicolas Scarinzi
Making friends cross-culturally.
100 international students
Most are athletes
25 countries represented
In the US:
750,000 international students
Top 3 countries:
South Korea
By: Sydnie Gabbard!
Paige Hannabass!
Haley Nickerson!
Taylor McDannel!

One student told her American friend, “You built a bridge from your heart to mine, and Jesus walked across it!”
Global Missions on Our Doorstep
Out of the top 10 countries represented by International Students, 8 are from the 10/40 Window.
"It is perhaps the most practical and strategic way for the average American to have a long-term impact on the unreached people of our world. Few American Christians will go to live in the 10/40 window countries, yet the majority of these Americans live within a few minutes of a student from the 10/40 window." --Tom Phillips
Relationships, relationships, relationships!
Living on the same campus
Desire to connect
Vulnerability and openness
Bridge of monotheism for some religious backgrounds
“I believe that a lifestyle of hospitality is the greatest key to mobilizing Christians for involvement in fulfilling the great commission.”- Rich Mendola
Works Cited
Interview with Jessica Masterson
Interview with Whitney Franca
Interview with Nicolas Scarinzi
"The Complete Evangelism Guidebook"
http://faithoncampus.com/9-reasons-why-you-should-be-ministering-to-international-studentsyesterday/ '
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