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signs of stress, stress management

Sonia Redwine

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Stress!

Sonia Redwine, MPH
Assistant Director of
Health Education
Student Health Services STRESS MANAGEMENT What is Stress? affects everyone
response from your body to adapt to changes
can be positive or negative What are you stressors? 3 categories:
Emotional How bad is it? Minor Stress
Major Stress Positive vs. Negative Stress STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Who: Nurses, Providers,
Insurance coordinator,
Health Educator
What: medical illness, well checkups, health promotion
When: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Where: Hubbard Hall,
across from ACT, next to DPS Peer Advocates Teaching Health

health awareness
presentations & programs Physical Activity helps your body adapt and respond to stress more effectively
aid in muscle tension release
aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety and relieve stress
can improve mental health
-reduce anxiety
-reduce depression
-change behaviors Sleep average adult needs 7-8 hrs each night.
Young adults may need more!
help reduce stress levels
increase productivity Reduce & Relieve Cope Short-Term Relax
Deep Breathing
Take a break
Is it worth it?
Prioritize Long-Term Set limits
Choose your own goals
Support System
Think Positive Make decisions
Be realistic
Accept what you cannot change
Anticipate & Prepare
Live in the present
Manage your time
Take time for yourself Nutrition What is a serving.....? Include seafood, lean meat, poultry, beans, nuts, and seeds each week. Protein....? How about some variety! Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk, yummy! Choose fresh, canned (watch out for syrup!), frozen, and dried fruits. Pick veggies from several subgroups
i.e. Dark greens, red & orange, beans, peas, starchy and other veggies. Breakdown of your meals
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