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Last Message

No description

nic moir

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Last Message

Narrative Elements
Interesting Facts about Shane Peacock
Inspiration for "Last Message"
What I thought of the novel
The End
Last Message: a summary
Characters: throughout the novel there are many characters but the most important ones are the grandfather, who is deceased before the novel even begins yet has a powerful impact on what occurs, and Adam who's the main character that evolves throughout to prove that his grandfathers dying words, that he would never become anything, aren't correct.
Theme: while the book shows many things the main theme is that while a challenge may seem pointless at the time, meeting these challenges is an important part of growing up and developing as a human being
Mood: the mood of the novel is a suspenseful one
because you never really know if hes going to get
caught or what the tasks really mean.
it is also suspenseful because of the anticipation of
the end and the cave that may contain the meaning of
The book begins with reading of the Will of Adams recently deceased grandfather
he learns of a series of letters that turn into unintded riddles that he must complete but he doesn't fully understand the purpose of this exercise
He receives the first envelope which sends him to Arles, France
The first task he is assigned is to find the family
that helped his Grandfather during the war,
Adam must tell the family of his grandfathers
secret, that he planned to steal a priceless painting
and in turn give them a million dollars in payment
Adam believes the letter is telling him to steal the
painting and moves onto the next letter
A Book Talk Of: Last Message
By Nic Moir

For the second "riddle" Adam must go to the bottom of the ocean to find a stone in the wreckage of a plane flown by his grandfathers friend, Saint Ex
Because Adam cant scuba dive he takes a 2 person submarine with a man
he doesn't find the rock down there but instead his guide had it the whole time,
Adam buys the rock from the man
the final task tells Adam he must go to a cave supposedly containing the meaning of life
the cave is not open to the public, so Adam finds a professor working in the cave, and tells him his story,
after hearing this the professor decides to let Adam disguise himself as the professor in order to go in
When he gets in he is so stunned by the drawings and paintings he drops the professors glasses, causing others to notice he is not the professor,
Adam runs away
after he has an epiphany causing him to return the priceless painting to the family
he returns the painting before returning to his home
Summary pt 2
One of the main literary devices used is foreshadowing because in the first line of the book it has a quote, the last thing his grandfather said, the quote is "He'll never amount to much". This is foreshadowing because it shows that even though the grandfather left these challenging tasks for Adam he still doesn't believe he has the will or ability to carry them, or anything else, out.
Literary devices
Would I Recommend The Novel?
Last Message
by Shane Peacock
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