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Animation Industry UAE

No description

Jose Marun

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Animation Industry UAE

Project: Animation Studio Jose Salomon Marun Helo Project Definition
Inside the animation business
Animation industry in the UAE
Top 5 Items that affect the cost of animation
Swot Analysis
Operational & Financial Requirements
Conclusions Contents Start a small animation Studio in Dubai able to deliver the basic animation products and services offered in the local market Project Definition Based on the interest of Al Ahli Holding Group to explore an immersion into the animation business, this presentation has been developed to give a clearer picture of the animation industry, its upsides and downsides in order to provide elements for decisions making. Project Background Inside The Animation Business
2D Animation
Stop Motion Animation
3D Animation Three kinds of animation What is it? Creating moving pictures in a Digital Environment that is 3dimensional

How? Careful manipulation of objects within 3D software to export picture sequences which will give the illusion of movement (animation) based on how the objects are manipulated.

It is an illusion! Motion is simulated in a way that the eye tends to believe that actual motion is taking place. 3d Animation A series of hand-drawn or digitally-drawn pictures in a 2dimensional scale are placed in a sequence showing subtle changes from each other. When played back sequentially, it creates the illusion of motion 2D Animation Stop Motion Real life models are moved slightly and filmed. The pictures will create the illusion of motion when played back. 1. Modeling: The process of creating the 3D objects within a scene

2. Layout and animation: Describes how objects are positioned and animated within a scene

3. Rendering: Describes the final output of the completed computer graphics The Process of 3D Animation *Everything is done with the computer and exported from the computer Software
Human Resources Operational Requirements Pre-production Software Post-production Mind-mapping program
Word processor
Screen writing software Production Project management program
Screenwriting program that allows budgeting features for doing breakdowns and estimating costs Audio & Video editing program Mindview for Mac
Office for Mac
Final Draft Software name Cost (USD * 1 license) 249
170 Merlin for Mac
Final Draft 235
3675 Final Cut
After Effects 300
1285 25.000 USD *Buying more than one license is subject to diminishing licensing costs making it cheaper per license. **Free software is also available with limited features Considering the establishment of a studio that produces 3D, 2D and Stop Motion animation, the following hardware is required: Hardware For 2D and 3D animation A Computer with significant amount of processing power A High-end scanner for digitizing roughs For Stop Motion and Pixilation: HD video/photo camera with varied set of lenses HD Video/Photo camera with varied set of lenses Lighting equipment (Tripod and accessories for shooting characters and sets) IMac 27-inch: 3.1GHz EPSON Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner 2000 (2) 850 Canon 7D with 5 lenses set 2500 Canon 7D with 5 lenses set 2500 Croma key green muslin
750 watts continuous light kit
Professional tripod 28mm w. 4section 320
70 Total Hardware investment Cost (USD * 1 item) Hardware name $8300 USD (Approximate Cost calculated for 2 computers with diminishing licensing costs) Total Software Investment Animation Studios are very work intensive. For animators to finish their own projects it requires a lot of time.

The more collaborators involved, the more efficient the production potential becomes.

Having the right quantity of skilled people will determine the accomplishment of deadlines and sticking to work within budget. Human Resources In-house designer/animator Administrative/Business development Staff required # people 2 2 Salary 15.000DHS/4.110USD 8000DHS/2.200USD Total HR Cost/year 553.000DHS/
151.440USD Top 5 items that affect the cost of animation 1. Length of time - Studios usually charge projects on a per-second basis but this doesn't mean anything since one second of animation can take one week or one month depending on its complexity 2. Style of animation
Flat Cel-shaded cartoon
Cut-out animation
3D Toon
3D Hybrid The cost of each style depends on how difficult it is to get the desired look and the amount of man hours it takes to achieve it 3. Revision - Needless revision due to lack of preparation and clarity on the idea that wants to be developed.
Revision are always part of the process but minimizing them is crucial to reduce costs. 4. Complexity of project - The more characters you have in an animation or the more detailed your sets are, the more it is going to cost. 5. Time to produce the work - If the time given to complete the projects is within reason then you can expect a straightforward quote with little overhead costs. If it takes a lot of time then it might implicate a lot of overcosts These companies focus on a wide range of products and services such as:
Visual effects
Editing and motion graphics
Architectural modeling and rendering
Game Design Animation Industry in the UAE The most important thing in the industry is TALENT. Machines don't do the work, is the PEOPLE Studio: Fanar Productions
People involved in project: 15 visual artists
Characters: 24
Price per episode: 350.000Dhs/96.000USD
Average Ep. Length: 15 minutes Shaabiyat al Cartoon Strengths SWOT Analysis UAE Animation Industry Growing pool of high-talented local animators Cartoon Network Animation Academy in Abu Dhabi High demand for local animations easier to relate to. Opportunities Attracting young high talented people at relatively low costs Recovering of the construction industry opens the market for Architectural animation Set a rupture with the outsourcing trend by specializing in high quality, low cost production and partner with the existing animation companies in the market Find the best quality outsourcing partners in Asia or South America to take advantage of the potential margins and position the company's growth at a fast pace. Weaknesses There's still a lack of professionals, scriptwriters for animation and real animation studios in the region Exorbitant production costs and unlimited amount of time and effort for completion Threats India is the fastest growing market for animation outsourcing. High value jobs that require higher skills are being translated from developed markets to India Improvement of talent and technology in neighboring arab countries with cheaper production costs that can produce for the UAE market more efficiently than local studios Dubai is the hub of animation of the Middle East. Most globalized environment for animation in the region Demand is hard to predict No standard market fees for industry reference and fair competition Improvement of technique at lower costs in neighboring countries that might increment outsourcing of the complete production chain (currently only the production phase is being outsourced while pre and post remain in-house) Animation is an ART Administrative costs FREEJ Studio: Lammtara Pictures
People involved in project: 500
Characters: 4 (main) + 18 guests
Number of Episodes: 45
Ep. Lenght: 15 mins
Production costs in 3 years (2006-2008): 50.000.000DHS/13.700.000USD From 1 September 2012, twofour54 and the Abu Dhabi Film Commission will offer the Middle East’s first international production incentive, providing access to a generous 30% cash-back rebate on productions, including feature films, television dramas (including series), commercials, music videos, other television formats, such as lifestyle, reality, gameshows and entertainment programmes, post-production, digital content services and visual effects (PDV) services for projects shot inside or outside Abu Dhabi Twofour54 3DS Max Soft Image Autodesk Maya According to the Animation Industry Database there are 19 animation companies listed. However many of them no longer exists and many others are not listed. It is estimated that more than 50 small studios that deliver digital content operate in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi area. This is not counting the companies whose core business is different but still provide animation services.
Among the largest companies in the UAE market are: Possible scenarios for sustainability and payback of investment Scenario # 1 Scenario # 2 Scenario # 3 Scenario # 4 Scenario # 5 Blink Studios The MENA region is one of the world’s fastest growing media and entertainment markets with 19% growth in recent years. And with 80% of under-25s owning mobile phones, strong broadband take-up new gaming innovations and Arabic TV airs 1800 hours of animation every month. That’s a prime opportunity for animation and gaming businesses Pixelhunters Pixelhunters is a leading 3D animation studio, specializing in creative 3D design, visual effects, and post-production services. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Member of the GDS Alliance with creative teams based in UAE and Bulgaria. Blink Studios is strategically engineered as a fully integrated production solution. It has developed an approach to TV, motion picture and corporate production. It is a multinational studio with presence in different countries around the globe. The UAE office is based in Dubai. It has a major partnership with twofour54. Infosys Infosysstudios is a 3D animation studio from Dubai, specializing in 3D animation, 3D visualization, 3D flythroughs,industrial animation, visual effects and post-production. Conclusion: (Conservative) (Likely) (Conservative) (Likely) (Optimistic) Thank you The financial requirements for starting a small animation studio are not considerably high and the payback period, as well as the profitability of the business is attractive enough to make it run as a small business. Conclusion However, considering the market size and opportunities, Al Ahli Holding Group should aim higher and try to start the business and take a bigger size of the market As shown during the presentation, 1800 hours of animation are transmitted monthly in the MENA region only in TV. If we aim to seize only 0.01250% of that market in 2D which is equal to 2.5 hours monthly, we were making a turnover of 1.050.000USD monthly assuming a 30s price of 3.500USD which is the market average. If that would be the case for 3D animation the value would be doubled. As stated in the SWOT Analysis, two major options exist: Become the best outsourcers or become the best in-house producers. In case of outsourcing some consideration are important to be taken. Provided my experience as co-owner of a digital media agency in Colombia, I have clear information of prices back there as a reference:A 30s 2D animation developed by a freelance for our studio cost us 250USD. If we sell it here in the UAE we are doing 14 times its value.The same is the case for similar types of products and services in general in the Latin American region or Asia.The problem with these outsourcing is that ensuring quality and sticking to deadlines is a major challenge.
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