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Addictions Counselor

No description

Conchita Soto

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Addictions Counselor

Addictions Counselor Conchita Soto
Block 2 Future Goals-
Graduate College & Be Successful JOb Summary Help people deal with serious addictions Treat people with; alcoholics, severe drug abuse issues [legal & illegal], Nowadays, gambling problems, sex addicts, eating-disorders [bulimia, etc.], and etc. assist patients through one-on-one, group and family therapy make plans to try and help the patient recover and live soberly If needed they can recommend special doctors to help treat their patients Career Info. A typical day will be spent in an office, listening to and analyzing client history
develop strategies to deal with the addiction, as well as identifying and addressing underlying issues.
They may meet with family members of the clients, as well as other social workers, correctional facility workers and counselors.
If freetime is available research on new ways to help clients will be made
You'll work on assignments if not a fully licensed counselor
May work up to 4hrs. a week, depending on how many appointments the clients shedule Modest pay
Get to help people in need
Meet diffrent people
Flexible hours
Make a diffrence in people's lives

Advantages May have to modify hours to accommodate clients' schedules, which can include nights, weekends and holidays.
May have to make themselves available in case of emergencies
May have to work under very tense and stressful conditions.
Deal with individuals who are in crisis and may overdose, hurt someone or become suicidal
Extra schooling for better pay
Disadvantages The outlook is looking good, so far
It'll always be important, because sadly there will always be addicts
this career is expected to grow 34% in the upcoming years
about 650,000 jobs are available
Working Conditions:
Inside environment, can tense and stressful at times

Outlook You'd need to go to college and at least get a Bachelors Degree
Need to study: General Psychology, Addiction Counseling Skills, Group Counseling, Theories of Counseling and Pharmacology of Drugs and Abuse
For certification a Masters' Degree will be needed from an accredited university

Education 1st year- $25,000
Hourly Rate- 1st Yr.= $8.85
20 Or More Yrs=$22.25
Until retirement- $1,100,000 Salary Citations http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Substance_Abuse_Counselor/Salary

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