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The Crucible

It is a dramatic exploration of historical events. Arthur research the incidents and livers sorrounding the Salem Witch Trial. Themes: Justice, religion, reputation and jealousy.

Antonia Varleta

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Crucible

Reputation: social standing is tied to ones ability to follow religious rule.
but means nothing when there is witchcraft accusation
Jealousy among themselfs.
-example: Abigail towards Elizabeth
Religion. theocratic society Main Characters:
1-.John Proctor:
-Elizabeth husband.
-had an affair with Abigail
-reverend Parris niece.
-once worked for the Proctor, but she was fired.
-practice witch craft in the forest
-accused of witch craft (not true)
4-.Reverent hale:
-young minister, and a expert on witchcraft.
-called in to salem to examine.
5-.Reverent Paris :
-minister of Salem's church Dramatic Effects and Techniques
-Sound effects
-Stage direction: Extensive stage direction and commentary. This is used as a tool to bring you into the play, to make you belong.
-Dramatic Irony: ex. When Elizabeth tells the court that Proctor did not sleep with Abigail.
-Contrasting scenes
-Character Relationship
-Symbols: theocracy society---> justice and histeria.

Language: Emotive and repeated exclamation which shows conflicts and desagreements among the society. He also deals with imagery of force and evil.
Devil--> symbol of fear which is udesd to control people.
- The register used is formal but get simple and easy to understand
-Tone: serious, cynical and formal.
Settings: The play is developed in a small Theocratic "orthodox christians" town called Salem.
- During the 17th century. Structure:
He devides the story in 4 acts. The descriptions occurs during the beginning of the first act.
- the climax is when John Proctor is accused of witch craft.
-The falling action is the accusation of John Proctos when his yet inocent. The crucible
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