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ISQS 3344 Project Part 1

No description

Vidhur S

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of ISQS 3344 Project Part 1

Core Competencies:
The Future
The Toboggan
Business Strategy
About the Company
*Quality of the toboggan
-R&D certified and tested
*Innovative design
The Product
Consistent Themes:
*Wireless sound
*Quality toboggan
*Flexible to active environment without the hassle
With our highly talented,
young R & D department
and our innovative idea,
We expect to break even
within the first year of sales!
Break Even Analysis:
We are an American-born company set on a goal to enhance winter activity whether it be skiing, snowboarding, trekking, mountain climbing, or simply enjoying the cold.
Who We Are:
Mission Statement:
TuneWear provides excellent winter active wears infused with the highest quality sound built into our toboggans. We pride ourselves on using the top rated American brands to enhance winter activity.
In order to prevent defects, we randomly choose certain caps out of each batch and test them at our R&D facility in different environments where weather, shock absorbency, durability, and chemical exposure come into question
Made from 2 main raw materials: a high quality
fiber used for stitching and custom Bose micro speakers. A skilled technician operates a commercial grade sowing machine to fabricate the caps.
R & D Facility
Whats expected:
*warm, breathable fabric that fits comfortably and can be hand-washed
*waterproof, shock resistant
*Wireless via Bluetooth
Production Capacity:
For 2 years, we will operate at 100% plus 50% safety capacity.
After that time period, we will reduce down to 30% for the next 3 years.
If we reach unpredicted growth, we will attempt to meet demand with our stored reserves
Future Product Lines:
*Water Sports
*All other athletic spectrums
How We Started:
Remember the last time you were on the slopes? Those headphones/ear buds were quite the hassle
Product Description:
Our product is the infusion of a comfortable, warm toboggan and high quality Bose micro speakers. The toboggan can connect wireless via Blue tooth to a music device so that you can jam hassle free as your skiing down the slope
We offer a full One year warranty on our toboggans that include all repairs and replacements
If you are not a 100%
satisfied,simply return it
in 30 days for a full refund
* T-shirts
*Water-proof Phone and MP3 covers
Available for birthdays, holidays, etc.
Other Products:
Gift Packaging:
Customer Benefit Package:
Environmental Scanning:
*Denali & Ranier Project
*Breckenridge, Keystone, Deer Valley, Steamboat, Park City & other prestigious ski resorts
*Professionals such as Shaun White, Lindsi Vonn and other participants of the Winter X-games and Winter Olympics
Why Buy from Us:
*Top of the line products
*R&D that produces products you guys want
*Red Bull and Burton have tried, but weren't as successful
We based our forecast on the very conservative growth slope of Radio Shack, having said that our product is innovative and this is a worst case scenario projection
Product Design:
Our preliminary design consists of a simplified prototype toboggan with the inserted micro speakers and our patented waterproof and shock resistant technology. We put the toboggans through a complex series of test of different environments where weather, wetness, shock absorbance, durability, and chemical exposure become a factor.
Radio Shack:
TuneWear's Forecast
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