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Modulo IV: Uso de novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Lingua Inglesa

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Diego Trujillo

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Modulo IV: Uso de novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Lingua Inglesa

Step 1 Task Uso de Novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Lingua Inglesa
Professora: Cintia Rabello
Aluno: Diego Spitaletti Trujillo Social Games in class The Group The group I choose was a pre-intermediate group of teenagers. Boys and girls around 13 years old that are surrounded of new technologies. I had the opportunity to teach them during the first semester of 2012. All of them somehow, are really into technologies. Their cell phones, internet, computers and tablets are part of their daily lives and they can’t see a world without it. Devices and
Reasons During classes was really challenging to get their attention without any piece of technology. So I used, very often, the interactive board and, sometimes, their cell phones to search for some word meanings. For this class planning I decided to use the Interactive board and also games on Facebook, something I’ve never done before.
These students want to learn and feel they are learning something they can use in their daily situations. As they use social networks every day I thought it would be a great idea to merge English classes with something they know and feel comfortable with. Like or not they will feel much more secure because they’ll think they know it better than the teacher. Results Presenting this game in class, focused on learning, will provide them a different perspective of the game, and other games, when playing at home. It will also open the possibility to share ideas through messages on line, providing opportunity to enlarge the use of English in their routine. The Game The game chosen was CaféWorld, found in the social network Facebook. The activity is focused on teenagers. It tends to last 3 or 4 classes and it can be used during the semester.

A vary of themes can be worked on through this game, mainly when it comes to bring cultural discussions to the classroom. Having in mind that the main goal of the game is the culinary world, teachers can use it to discus different food habits from many countries and not only in English. The game itself organizes the dishes according to the nationalities. When it comes to Grammar, communication and vocabulary there are many possibilities that this game can provide: the teacher can use it to teach them the terms used in a restaurant, presenting, for example, how to order; manage business, having in mind how to create a successful restaurant, the group can discuss what is necessary to have a good business, the spending issues and how to deal with the costumer.

In this class planning, besides the culinary difference issues and the new vocabulary related to food, Café World Will also be used to exemplify the Imperative function, a tense used in receipts. The teacher will split the group in pairs, trios or, if necessary, bigger groups. In the case of this group I know that some of them have portable computers. So I would ask them to bring it and also use the computers in class. But first I would be using the interactive board to explain the project.

First the teacher must guide the students to the interactive board room and present the game to those who don’t know it. During the class, the teacher can allow the students to explore the game freely, pointing the advantages that the preparation of some dishes can bring focusing on price, time and advantages of preparation.

Along this process the teacher can work with the vocabulary unknow by the students and start pointing the kind of verbs used to prepare some dishes In the end of the class, the teacher can choose some different dishes from the game and assign the groups to prepare and present them. That way the teacher must ask them to research , for the next class, an equivalent real receipt. It will be useful and stimulate them. The student will be challenged to search for authentic material closet to a real situation.

In the following class the teacher can ask the students to share the receipts and ask them to get in the game and prepare the dishes. The teacher must ask the teacher to pay attention, and if necessary, that circle, underline the ingredients and instructions that are similar to the real receipt. In the last moment of the class the teacher can ask the students to prepare a simple presentation showing the results. In the last class, the students must present and raise discussions relates to the theme, like the different food habits between nationalities, the difficulties in preparing meals or to find ingredients, and conclude the similarities and differences among the game and reality. During the presentations the students will have to use the imperative, for the teacher to evaluate its use. Thanks for the Great assignment teacher Cintia. I’m looking forward for your reply.
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