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Class Time Reconsidered / SCU

Presented at Santa Clara University, April 28, 2015

Derek Bruff

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Class Time Reconsidered / SCU

Class Time Reconsidered
Your sister calls to say she’s having twins. Which of the following is more likely? (Assume she’s not having identical twins.)

A. Twin boys
B. Twin girls
C. One boy and one girl
D. All are equally likely.
"Prams," Rich Brooks, Flickr (CC-BY)
"Mentos + Diet Coke," the Cobras, Flickr
Times for Telling
Schwartz & Bransford (1998)
The Flipped Classroom
"Flexible Space" (flipped), Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
November 2012 - http://is.gd/3wnKov
First Exposure
Practice & Feedback
Further Exploration
Example #1:
Derek Bruff,
Example #2:
Mark Sample,
Not a new idea.
A relatively new term.
Lage, M. J., Platt, G. J., & Treglia, M. (2000). Inverting the classroom: A gateway to creating an inclusive learning environment. Journal of Economic Education, 31(1), 30-43.
J. Wesley Baker. "The "Classroom Flip": Using Web Course Management Tools to Become the Guide by the Side" Selected Papers from the 11th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning (2000): 9-17.
How can we make the most of the relatively limited time we have with our students during class?
(Before Class)
(During Class)
(After Class)
"Not Smelling the Roses," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC-BY-NC)
First Exposure
Walvoord & Anderson (2009)
Practice & Feedback
Further Exploration
Grand Valley State U. Math Department: http://is.gd/EwnyMT
"Little Shredder," clappstar, Flickr (CC)
"Spiral out, keeping going," Tawcan, Flickr (CC)
Key Principles
Mental Models
"Look Right," Derek Bruff, Instagram
“College Halls," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Peer Instruction + Clickers
Formative Assessment
"Macbook X-Ray," Pipeapple, Flickr (CC)
Key Principles
All Skate
"Skates," marythom, Flickr (CC)
Margaret Rubega's Story: http://is.gd/KbKhFO
Birdwatching + Twitter
See also: http://is.gd/T2kybD
And this: http://is.gd/0s55se
Local Histories
Larry Cebula, Eastern Washington U.: http://is.gd/b7w66i
Update: http://is.gd/ifu1DE
Cynthia Cyrus, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/44hZkP
Wikipedia Entries
Key Principles
During Class
Before Class
After Class
Flipped Approach
Consider a topic or module you teach. Which of these three approaches would make the most of class time?
Derek Bruff / derekbruff.org / @derekbruff
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching
"The Future of Education," Steve Jurvetson, Flickr (CC)
Sal Khan
Research Papers
Multimodal Projects
List 3-5 technologies you have used (or seen used) in teaching contexts.
My Favorite Educational Technology
"Wheels on Chairs," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Authentic Audiences
"Center of Attention," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Bass & Elmendorf (2010)
"Level Two," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC-BY-NC)
Readings / Videos
Hands-On Activities
Readings / Videos
Hands-On Activities
Schneider, Wallace, Blikstein, & Pea (2013)
Order Matters
How often do you use a flipped approach?
A. Never
B. Occasionally
C. Frequently
D. Always
E. I don't really know what that means.
How often do you use a flipped approach?
A. Never
B. Occasionally
C. Frequently
D. Always
E. I still don't know what that means.
So why all the fuss?
Debate Maps + Post-Its
This Map: http://is.gd/n1PRRj
More on Debate Maps: http://is.gd/lBPjUu
Brian Griffith, Human & Org. Dev.: http://is.gd/UBYDru
Campus Solutions
What is challenging about using class time for practice and feedback?
More #birdclass tweets: http://is.gd/2sWdGf
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