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about me

Nahoko Koma

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of me

me Ichigaya Kagurazaka Old Greenwich Komaba Yotsuya Hongo Seattle (used to be "FujiTV-street") went to : Japanese School of New York
immediately : conducted the school band
wrote rediculously long example sentences (rather stories) for : new 'Kanji's
then transferred to : Old Greenwich School
very first experience of : cultural difference, discrimination, fireplace, thanksgiving
joined : jazz dance club, outdoor club, basketball club, rock-climbing club, violin club, brass band ...etc
loved : making people laugh
went nuts about : faxing went to : Futaba Junior High & High School (girls' school)
focused mainly on : school festival executive committee, orchestra(occasionally brass band) club
started playing : alto saxophone
initiated, gathered, led, planned, directed, and was a member of : a legendary multi-performance team
fostered : passion, toughness, creativity
my awarded essay was about : how much I loved ads
was practically : a sportswriter
loved : surprising people with ideas entered : the University of Tokyo
longtime desire : 'Spo-kon'
which led me to the biggest, strongest and the toughest sport circle in Kanto region : Tomato Tennis Club
ran for, and chosen : a co-captain
reason : I loved the team, and wanted more members to enjoy and love to be a part of our team
practice : 5-7 days/week, 5-8 hours/day
meeting : 1-24 hours/day, 7 days/week
absence : 0/year
wore makeup : less than once/month
struggle : tradition & change, respect & self-assertion, freedom & commitment, think & communicate,...etc
so was no where near : business contests, students' associations, internships, or an 'ishiki-takai' student
hard time : always
regret : never
at last I've got a flaming pile of priceless treasure : vitality, perseverance, importance of communicating in a variety of ways, teamwork, both the pleasure and the difficulty of leadership, motivating and involving others, countless trials and errors, memories of tear and joy, and so many teammates that I can call more than friends
loved : energizing and cheering up people
my role : the clown. 'braveness to even risk my image or shame for others' might be the biggest thing I gained. went on to : the Economics Department
(Business Administration major)
joined : Katahira Branding Seminar
and fell in love with : Branding
started to : expose myself to the 'outside world'
met so many : new people
loved : creating fun time for/with cool people came to study at : the University of Washington (UW)
classes : Fundamentals of Project Management, Business Certificate Program for International Professionals
and bunch of : entrepreneurial workshops
reason I decide to study at UW : I wanted to know what "working globaly" really meant, to broaden my thought and to really think about working and living. Seattle seemed an ideal city full of both well branded major players and growing startups with a nice educational environment.
and honestly : I wanted to overcome my 'Americans are scary' prejudice from my old memories... Seattleites are famous for being friendly to everyone
currently : working at a web marketing/branding/consulting/creative startup as an intern, studying design and programming as well as startup business itself, developing my own business plans
love : meeting and sharing ideas with passionate & creative people, thinking about fun ideas to make people happy
big concern : diet (Tokyo) born on : Nov.14, 1990
clingy : loved to follow my older sister everywhere
enjoyed : crying a lot
sometimes : fell from the balcony
loved : making people smile
good at : making weird faces me (Tokyo) went to : Tsukudo Elementary School
immediately : made friends, said good-bye and moved away
back to : Tsukudo Elementary School
fateful encounter with : Awaodori
loved : entertaining people
pioneer of : non-red 'randoseru' (Apr- May, 1997) (Apr,2000-Mar,2003) 1990-1993 1994-1997, 2000-2003 mine (CT, USA) 1997-2000 NYC (June, 1997) (July, 1997- Apr, 2000) (Tokyo) 2003-2009 me Nakano (Tokyo) 2001-2003 relation : resided
but was a total : outsider
soaked in : subculture (a famous 'hanami' spot) Koenji (Tokyo) 2001- ? 1990-20XX fateful reunion with : Awaodori
was deeply moved by and became a big fan of : Awaodori
'Tensui-ren' is my favorite team of : Awaodori
also famous as a town of : young rock musicians, cafes, used-clothing, ramen, 'Junjo Shotengai',...etc
finally decided to : settle ourselves in this town
and had so much fun : designing our own house
met my lifelong 'Onshi' : studied my ass off to go to college
loved : sharing joy with people (Tokyo) 2009-2011 (Champion!!) me hand-written slogan flag (Tokyo) Aoyama (Tokyo) 2011 worked at : a jazz bar-Blue Note Tokyo (waitstaff)
worked : 5-6days/week
got scolded : 5-6days/week
met world's greatest artists : 5-6days/week
learned something new : 5-6days/week
was stimulated by the awesome staffs : 5-6days/week
touched : another world, totally different from where I'd lived
gained : new perspective
felt : what 'professional' means
loved : learning how professionals move people's feelings Daikanyama (Tokyo) 2011-2012 engaged in an opening project of : Bar & Lounge Daikanyama Anjin
operated by : Blue Note Tokyo
project run by : CCC ltd,
my role : leading, managing, and motivating the waitstaff team, discuss and set the credos/ground rules, bridging all the managers-chefs-bartenders-waitstaffs...
worked : 6-7 days/week
met awesome people : 6-7 days/week
was thinking sbout Anjin : 24hours/day (even while dreaming)
unexpected troubles : all the time
my boss : super hard on me
so I decided to : always go way beyond his expectation and imagination
surprising learning : the way gigantic projects are run, involvement of such great number of stakeholders, adults' passion
best reward : having our guests love our staffs
loved : making all the staffs and the guests happy group photo & farewell gifts
from Anjin staffs and guests (WA, USA) 2012-2013 (beautiful UW campus) seattle Story Futa Sakai
Koma nahoko
Shintaro Ishimura
Yumiko fukuhara Meet Make Choose Artist Giver Overview of Service Meet Make Choose Artist Giver Overview of Service Meet Make Choose Artist Giver Overview of Service New York City (NY, USA) 2012 (during summer vacation) worked at : multimedia planning/production/marketing company as an intern
engaged in : a city branding project
task : create/develop a plan to revitalize and promote an industrial city with thousands of highly skilled small-mid sizsed manufacturing companies
my boss : filming/video producing expert
he told me: his views and ambitions for the future communication forms using film and video technology
greatest takeaway : the importance of designing communications using various medias and tangible interactions, realization of my passion towards it
went to see musical 'RENT' : four times
amout of weight gained : 8lbs
loved : planning and creating ways to communicate people's great works done with great passion 2011-2014 ex ...and back to Tokyo Jan 2013 - people, business, company, product, service, ... stories world me/us creative idea
touching story telling
communication design loving : stories, communication, films, ... anything cool, anything creative
have always loved : people
will always love : making people smile, laugh, cry and excited for tomorrow. Odaiba now Learning,
Dreamimg http://mono.jpn.com/
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