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The Book Thief Timeline

No description

Julia Luetjen

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Book Thief Timeline

The Book Thief Timeline By: Julia Luetjen Part One Pg. 0-19 Introduction to Narrator (Death) and book's Concepts Death: Death is very wise, he has been around since the beginning of time. He uses colors to distract him from the humans who haunt him. pg.19 - Werner Dies pg.23 - Werner is Buried pg.24 - Liesel steals her first book Liesel: Liesel is a 9 year old girl who is abandoned by her mother when she sends her into foster care. Liesel is afraid of her new mother, but her new father seems kind and gentle. pg.28 - Liesel arrives at Himmel Street (Intro: Rosa and Hans Hubermann pg.33 - Liesel learns to roll cigarettes Rosa: When Liesel comes to Himmel street, Rosa (Mama) terrifies her with her gruff personality and harsh language. She continues to behave like this throughout the novel, but as it progresses, more and more sides of Rosa are introduced. Hans: Hans (Papa) is very kind to Liesel when she first comes into his home, not making her bathe in a strange place when she doesn't feel comfortable. He has a very calm and soothing personality and that shows throughout the novel. pg.35 - Liesel has her first bath at Himmel Street pg.39 - Liesel begins school in Molching pg.40 - Liesel turns 10 and must join the Bund Deutscher Madchen (BDM) pg.47 - Liesel begins to play soccer with other children in the street pg.48 - Liesel becomes friends with Rudy Steiner Rudy: Rudy has hair the color of lemons, and is one of six children. This means that during this time he is always hungry due to the fact that the food must be shared among eight people. Some people regard him as crazy because he painted himself black with charcoal and ran 100m at the Hubert Oval as a tribute to his favorite runner, Jesse Owens. Liesel however, looks past his flaws at his pure heart. pg.51 - Liesel sees Schiller Strasse, 'The Road of Yellow Stars' pg.54 - Liesel and Rudy race at the Hubert Oval, and Rudy asks for a kiss for the first time pg.63 - Liesel wets the bed and Papa helps her pg.64-68 - Papa begins to teach Liesel to read so they can read 'The Grave Digger's Handbook' pg.70 - Liesel and Papa go to the park to continue their reading lessons pg.77 - Liesel attempts and fails to read out loud in school pg.78-79 - Liesel beats up Ludwig and Tommy up for calling her stupid Part 2 pg.87 - Papa and Liesel finish reading 'The Grave Digger's Handbook' pg.88 - Liesel receives two new books for Weihnachten (Faust the Dog, The Lighthouse) pg.91 - Mama loses one of her customers from the washing pg.92 - Liesel is ordered to pick up and deliver the washing pg.95 - Liesel begins to write letters to her real Mama pg.96 - Liesel is surprised by hearing Mama speak with a calm and caring voice pg.98 - Mama loses another one of her customers, Liesel continues to write letters but receives no replies pg.98-99 - Liesel uses money from the washing to mail her letters, and receives a Watschen from Mama pg.104-105 - Papa and his son Hans Junior have a fight about joining the Nazi party, which results in Hans Junior leaving the house pg.108 - Liesel and the rest of the Hitler Youth units participate in a parade on the Fuhrer's birthday pg.111 - Everything made of 'poisonous moral matter' in Molching is piled up and burned pg.112-113 - Ludwig is injured in the crowd, and apologizes for calling Liesel stupid when she pulls him to the back where he can rest pg.115-116 - Liesel declares that she hates the Fuhrer for taking her mother away, and is slapped by Papa pg.120 - Liesel steals her second book from the pile of ashes pg.121 - Liesel realizes that she has been seen stealing the book. It is later revealed that Ilsa, the mayor's wife was the person who had witnessed Liesel's crime Liesel's Parents Liesel no longer has real family because they are/were communists Brief Description of Communism Communism is a political way of thinking and an idea of how society should work and be organized. Communism is a kind of extremesocialism that says that there should not be social classes or states. Communism says that the people of any and every place in the world should all own the tools, factories, and farms that are used to produce goods and food. This social process is known as common ownership. In a communist society, there is no private property. Part 3 pg.125 - Papa sees that Liesel has stolen another book pg.126 - Papa comes up with a plan that has yet to be explained pg.132 - Liesel must deliver the washing to the mayor's house and fears that Ilsa will punish her for stealing the book pg.134 - When Liesel comes again to pick up the washing, Ilsa brings her into her huge library which has more books than Liesel has ever seen pg.138 - Max Vandenburg is introduced. He is given some food, water, and a promise of return in a few days Max: Max Vandenberg is a Jewish young man who is hiding away from the horrors of the holocaust. He is in a dark storage room, hungry, afraid and waiting for a savior. His savior goes by the name of Hans Hubermann, and in due time Max comes to become very close to Liesel and the Hubermann family. pg.143 - Liesel and Papa read 'The Shoulder Shrug' together in the wee hours of the morning after Liesel wakes up from her nightmares pg.144 - Liesel continues to visit Ilsa Hermann's library when she goes to collect or deliver the washing pg.146 Liesel finds out that Frau Hermann had a son but he died pg.149 - It is discovered by Rudy that Liesel cannot swim pg.151 - Liesel and Rudy meet Arthur Berg and his band of thieves pg.152 - Liesel and Rudy commit their first act of thievery together pg.155 - Rudy and Liesel find a coin in the street and buy a piece of candy that they share pg.157-160 - Max travels on a train from Stuttgart pg.161 - Mama loses another customer from the washing pg.163 - Rudy and Liesel steal the goods destined for the church from Otto Strum on his way to deliver them pg.165-166 - The group of thieves is stealing potatoes when the farmer discovers them and almost catches them pg.168 - Max finds his way to Molching Part 4 pg.173 - Max arrives at the Hubermann household pg.174-179 - Learning about Hans' involvement in WW1 and what lead to him inviting a Jew into his home pg.187 - Liesel sees Papa and Max in the kitchen pg.187-196 - Learning about Max's past and how he had come to learn of Hans in Molching pg.197 - Liesel sees Mama taking care of the foreigner in the house, and sees her foster parents' worried faces pg.202-204 - Papa explains to Liesel who Max is and what the consequences will be if she tells anyone that he is there. She promises to keep silent about the man upstairs. pg.207-208 - Max is moved into the basement pg.211 - Liesel notices that Mama has changed with the arrival of Max. pg.211 - Mama loses another customer from the washing pg.213 - Liesel begins to read 'The Whistler' in Frau Hermann's library pg.214 - Max takes a lukewarm bath because Hans realizes that he is freezing to death in the basement pg.215 - Trudy comes home for Christmas but Max is not discovered pg.217 - Max tells Liesel how 'Mien Kampf' saved his life, and about his past pg.220 - Liesel tells Papa that she can now cope with her nightmares by herelf pg.221 - Liesel recieves 'The Mud Men' for her twelfth birthday pg.237 - Max gives Liesel the book he wrote for her; 'The Standover Man', in the middle of the night pg.238 - Liesel goes to the basement and sleeps there with her hand on Max's shoulder Part 5 pg.245 - Liesel cuts Max's hair in the basement pg.246 - Frau Hermann offers Liesel 'The Whistler' but she refuses pg.247 - Liesel searches through garbage cans to find newspapers for Max pg.250 - Max begins working out in the basement pg.251-255 - Max fights the Fuhrer in the basement in the dark pg.256 - Max, Mama, Papa and Liesel all paint white on the pages of 'Mien Kampf' pg.259 - Frau Hermann gives Liesel 'The Whistler', and then gives her a letter for Mama saying that she will no longer be doing their washing pg.262-263 - Liesel goes back to the Mayor's house, where she rages at Ilsa Hermann and throws 'The Whistler' back pg.264-265 Liesel goes home and tells Mama that she was fired because of what Liesel said, but Mama does not give her a Watschen. she instead strokes her hair and says it isn't her fault pg.265 - Liesel asks Max to teach her to do pushups, which he does pg.268-269 - Rudy and Tommy's Hitler Youth leader force them to do laps and drills in the mud because Tommy's ear condition prevents him from being able to stop marching correctly, and Rudy tries to help explain for him pg.272-275 - Liesel and Rudy meet the new leader of Arthur Berg's old group of thieves; Viktor Chemmel. They steal some apples, but when Rudy is angered about the lone apple he and Liesel recieve, Viktor almost chokes him to death. pg.277-281 - Max begins to write a story on the pages of 'Mien Kampf', and Liesel one night comes down and out of curiosity looks at a few pages. pg.283 - Rudy's Hitler Youth leader forces him to do drills and run in a freshly fertilized field pg.289 - Liesel steals 'The Whistler' from Grande Strasse pg.294 - Rudy attempts to steal the largest potato from the local, but is caught. A teacher named Herr Link protests the calling of the police and Rudy is let go with a warning pg.296-297 - Rudy throws a rock at his Hitler Youth leader, who in turn throws him to the ground, punches him in the left eye twice, and gives him a haircut with a gleaming blade pg.299 - Rudy and Tommy stop attending the Hitler Youth, and choose instead to join a different divison pg.302 - Viktor Chemmel throws 'The Whistler' in the Amper river. Rudy jumps in and rescues it Part 6 pg.312 - Liesel brings a handful of snow down the the basement for Max, then proceeds to bring buckets down. Max, Liesel, Mama and Papa all help make a snowman in the basement pg.314 - Max becomes very sick and passes out near the fireplace. He must be carried into Liesel's room where he would remain asleep for a long time pg.321-322 - While Max is asleep, Liesel collects 13 presents for him, including finishing 'The Whistler' pg.327 - Liesel steals another book; 'The Dream Carrier' from Grande Strasse pg.328 - Liesel begins to read 'The Dream Carrier' to Max while he sleeps pg.332 - Mama comes to the school and under the guise of anger over a lost hairbrush, tells Liesel that Max has woken up pg.334-335 - After Max's awakening, Liesel continues to read to him, and makes sure he does not fall back asleep, by April he is healthy enough to go back into the basement pg.339-342 - Nazi party members inspect the basements of all houses on Himmel St. to see if they are adequate bomb shelters. Liesel injures herself in soccer purposely so that she can get the message to her Papa pg.345 - The Nazi party member leaves the house without discovering Max, and deems the Hubermann's basement too shallow to be a bomb shelter Part 7 pg.359-364 - Rudy trains at Hubert Oval so that he can win 4 events at the Hitler Youth Carnival in August. He wins three, but the 4th one he is disqualified from. He tells Liesel that he did it on purpose pg.366 - Liesel steals another book; 'A Song in the Dark' pg.366-367 - Rudy shows Liesel that there is a book leaning up against the library window and Grande Strasse. She steals it and see's that is is called 'The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus' pg.368-369 - Rudy finds a letter addressed to Liesel in the pages of 'The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus'. Liesel reads the letter from Frau Hermann which says that she is not angry about Liesel stealing the books, hopes that she can one day enter her house in a more civilized manner, and that the dictionary is a gift to her. pg.371 - The bombing sirens go off in the middle of the night and Mama, Papa and Liesel must leave Max to go to the bomb shelter down the street pg.377-378 - When everyone is in a bomb shelter, Max goes upstairs and looks out the window. He sees the outside world for the first time in twenty-two months. He said that he stars and they burned his eyes pg.380 there is another air raid, in which 'a bit is taken out of Molching's streets. Liesel begins to read aloud to the terrified people in the shelter, and it calms them down. Himmel st. is untouched by the bombs pg.387 - Frau Holtzapfel comes to the Hubermann household and asks that Liesel comes over and reads 'The Whistler' to her two days a week in exchange for coffee rations. pg.390-395 - During a parade of Jews walking do Dachau, Papa hands an old struggling man a piece of bread. The Jew and Papa are both whipped for this action of great kindness (sweet Jesus I almost started crying when I typed that). Hans is branded a Jew lover by the people of Molching. pg. 387 - Max must leave the Hubermann's due to what Hans has done. They are all worried that the house will be searched because of his 'Jew Lover' label pg.399-403 Papa waits in vain for someone to come and take him away after Max leaves them, but when people finally do come, it is Rudy they come for Part 8 pg.408-411 - The Gestapo come to the Steiner house and try to take Rudy away to go to school, but his parents refuse pg.412-414 - Rudy and two other boys are forced to take off all of their clothes and be examined by a doctor at their school pg.415 - Liesel does not know why, but she cannot stop thinking about Rudy naked pg.417 - Papa's application to join the NSDAP is approved pg.417 - A statement arrives saying that Papa will be drafted into the German army. pg.419 - Liesel learns that Alex Steiner is going to war as well pg.420-421 - Papa comes home from the Knoller very drunk, accidentally knocking on the wrong door. This is his last breath of freedom before he is sent off to war pg.425 - Hans Hubermann leaves his family behind as he boards the train toward war pg.425 - Rudy goes on a quest to kill the Fuhrer pg.428-429 - Liesel sees Mama holding Papa's accordion to her chest in the middle of the night as she sleeps pg.431-437 - Detailing Papas work in the LSE (Luftwaffe Sondereinheit) and the troubles he must face while his family is safe in Molching pg.440-441 - Liesel and Rudy put bread onto the road for the Jews as they make the journey to Dachau pg.443 - Rosa gives Liesel the book the Max had spent so much time writing for her; 'The Word Shaker', which she promptly reads pg.452-455 - Liesel brings Rudy to Alex Steiner's suit shop and picks out a suit for him to wear for Christmas Part 9 pg.459-462 - Rudy and Liesel are met by a plate of cookies at Grande Strasse, and Liesel takes a book called 'The Last Human Stranger'. She has a conversation with Ilsa Hermann and then leaves pg.465 - Liesel is blocked by a man when she goes over to read to Frau Holtzapfel. He tells her she cannot come in yet and that he will come get her when he is ready Pg.455 - Liesel learns that the man is Frau Holtzapfel's son, and that he lost three fingers in Stalingrad. pg.457 - Michael Holtzapfel announces that his brother died in Stalingrad pg.470-471 - Frau Holtzapfel weeps, as Liesel reads, unheard in the kitchen pg.476-478 - With the LSE there is an accident, and Papa is left with a broken leg. He is told that he will most likely be sent home to his family pg.479 - Liesel receives a letter from Hans saying that he would be coming home due to his injury. She and Mama embrace in the kitchen pg.484-485 - The sirens sound off, and Michael is knocking furiously at the Hubermann's door, saying that his mother will not leave her kitchen. Liesel goes in a threatens that if she does not come, she will stop reading to her. They must leave her there, but she later shows up unharmed at the bomb shelter pg.488-489 Rudy's little sister Bettina notices a plane going down over Molching, so Liesel and Rudy run to the scene of the crash. pg.490-491 - Rudy places a small teddy bear on the body of the enemy pilot as he dies. He thanks the boy in a language that nobody understands, before Death lifts his soul from his body pg.492 - Papa returns home to his family in Molching, where he is greeted with hugs Part 10 pg.502-505 - Michael Holtzapfel jumps from a chair and kills himself for wanting to live. Hans is tasked with the duty of delivering the news to Michael's mother, who hugged the body for nearly an hour, then proceeded to lay in the street and scream. She had lost two sons in six months. pg.506 - On the day of Michael's funeral, Liesel read 'The Dream Catcher' to Frau Holtzapfel in the afternoon pg.509-515 - Liesel again watches for Max in a parade of Jews heading for Dachau. This time she is not disappointed, for she struggles her way into the crowd and meets him. Max tries to push her away for her own good, but Liesel does not let go. A soldier finds her and pushes her out of the group, but walks in towards Max again. She recited words from 'The Word Shaker' and Max cried into her hand before he was whipped. The soldier then turned to Liesel and whipped her as well. Rudy has to tackle her on the road to prevent her from running again after Max. pg.517-518 - Liesel confesses about the Jew she had hidden in her basement to Rudy pg.523-524 - Ilsa Hermann comes to Liesel's door and gives her a small black journal, what would soon be referred to as 'The Book Theif' pg.526-528 - Liesel sits in the basement and writes down the story of her life in Molching, and every event that happened while she was living with the Hubermanns pg.529 = The End of the World (Part II) pg.529-532 - A bombing took the lives of Frau Holtzapfel, Frau Diller, The Fiedlers, The Steiners (Minus Alex), and finally the Hubermanns. There was only one survivor of the bombing of Himmel st. Liesel pg.535-536 - Upon seeing the devastation, Liesel soon spots Rudy's dead body lying on the ground. She kisses the boy she didn't know she loved until now, but was incapable of saying goodbye pg.536-539 - Liesel weeps and says goodbye to her foster parents, whom she will never see again. She tells Mama of the time she saw her holding Papa's accordion to her chest while he was gone, and lays the instrument next to Papa's body. pg.539 - Liesel's book is left on the ground among the rubble and is thrown into a garbage truck with the rest of the junk on the streets. Death reaches in and grabs it just before the truck leaves Epilogue pg.543-544 - Liesel lived to a very old age, and died while living in the suburbs of Sydney. She married, had 3 children, who in turn had children of their own. pg.549 - Max came to Alex Steiner's shop one day in October 1945. He asked for Liesel, who came out and was more than overjoyed to see this man who was now free pg.549-550 - When Death collects Liesel's soul it is sitting up. He puts her down and they walk along Anzac Avenue until he pulls out the little black book. 'The Book Thief' which Liesel had written so long ago pg.550 - Death's last note: I am Haunted by Humans THE END Works Cited The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak, 2005 http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism
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