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Tet Holiday

Made by Truc

Truc Nguyen

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Tet Holiday

What do we do before Tet On Tet, people go home where they were born and grew up. They go to their hometown and visit their families and friends. People, especially children will receive the little red envelopes with lucky money in it. Tet is one way the could sit down and have a good meal with a warm atmosphere around them. Happy New Year In Vietnam We make rice cake( banh chung banh giay) on Tet. We don't really sweep the floor because it will sweep all the lucky away. At midnight, people will shoot fireworks to happy a new year. By: Truc Introducing In Vietnam, they called Happy New Year holiday "TET''
It is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It lasted for 3 days. What is Tet Tet is a lunar new year holiday. It doesn't celebrate in the first day of the year. Vietnam uses lunar calendar so we celebrate it in February. In that day, we get some day off. People visit there hometown and spend time with their family. But there are some alumnus that don't have enough money to visit their family in the far places because they went to cities to study. Before Tet, we clean, redecorate our houses so it looks beautiful. We will buy new clothes and presents to visit our relatives What do we do on Tet What do we do on Tet Flower In Vietnam, there is a kind yellow flower. It is Hoa Mai. We buy it and put it in our house to make it looks pretty. When we go outside, the whole city are full of Hoa Mai. There is a street call" Nguyen Hue'', it lasted for 10 years. In Tet, we go there. It had consider as the Nguyen Hue flower street. You will hear a lot of Tet's songs. . The End HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The square cakes are Banh Chung. The long and round cake is Banh Giay Kids wishing their best wishes to their relatives before getting a little envelope of lucky money. People shooting fireworks
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