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Egg Drop project

No description

Emily Surber

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Egg Drop project

Egg Drop Contest
Newton's Third Law of Motion
Newton's Third Law of Motion says that there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Force gravity = force of impact of falling object

A heavier object is attracted to the earth with more force than a light body.

The weight and mass of egg plus container is directly porportional to ecah other and the constant is gravity during free fall.

I made my container small in mass so that the impact force would be smaller.
Pressure = force/area

The egg will exert more pressure on the container than the container on the egg because it has more force over a smaller area vs a smaller force over a larger area.

I had to increase the surface area of the container in order to decrease the impact on the egg as well as to increase the air resistance.

I designed the inner container to be large enough so that it did not exert a large pressure on the egg so that when the container landed it would not put too much pressure on the egg and break it when it hits the ground.
Torque = Fd(sin )

Torque will cause an object to spin. Gravitational torque will cause on object to spin as it is going through free fall.

You have to use the distance of all forces acting on an object in relation to it's center of mass to keep the torque minimal.

You have to locate the center of gravity of the egg plus container so that when designing the container you can spread the forces evenly through the entire container. This will prevent the container and egg from rotating during free fall and prevent the egg from breaking.
Final Velocity

Free Fall is the motion under the influence of gravitational forces

The drop distance for the egg will be
y = 4.45m

The weight of the egg does not affect the speed of the falling egg, only air resistance does. Weight is equal to Fg = mg.

The speed of the falling egg will be equal to 9.81m/sq ft.

The weight of my egg + container will be determined by multiplying the mass times gravity, or 9.81 m/sq ft.

In order to have the least amount of flight time I built the container very open with the majority of the mass in the middle of the container.
Egg Drop Project
Emily Surber

The egg is falling!
Free Fall
Impulse-Momentum Theorem
F t = (mv)
The more momentum an object has the harder it is to stop or more force is needed to stop it.

An impulse applied to the egg will change it's momentum.

For an egg falling to the ground a large momentum is expanded in a very short period of time and if a large momentum is suddenly stopped then the force required to stop it must be very large.

The egg falling on concrete has short impact and big force but if we dropped on grass than the impact would be extended over the grass blades and the force of impact would be smaller.

I made my egg container as light as possible so that the impact force would be smaller. I also extended the length of the container below the egg to extend the impact overall and therefore not brake the egg.

The force of impact is lessened by absorbing and changing the incoming momentum of the egg.

Air Resistance
Air resistance is the force of the air acting upon a falling object.

The amount of air resistance acting on a falling object depends on the size and the speed of the falling object.

Example: without air resistance, an elephant and a feather would hit the ground at the same time if dropped from the same height; But since air resistance effects each object differently, the elephant will hit the ground first.

The final velocity of a falling object is determined by the following equation:

vf2 = 2g y

Air resistance in this formula is disregarded.

The final velocity of my egg plus container will be 87.22 m/s

The final velocity will be great so in order to reduce the impact, I added shock absorbers which I will cover shortly.
Shock Absorber
By adding shock absorbers, the kinetic energy of the falling egg is reduced. By having several layers of toothpicks below the inner container, when the container hits the ground, the bottom layers will compress and absorb the force from the ground as the container hits.
Seven designs and many tears later, my egg drop design is great!

The hardest part of the design was preventing rotational torque and container pressure on the egg.

The final touch to my design was to add glue drops on the two pieces of toothpicks which were preventing the egg from falling out on landing. Before adding the glue drops the ends of the toothpicks were breaking the egg!
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