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ABP (En) Oct 2015

No description

Ace Xie

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of ABP (En) Oct 2015

Enterprise Community
Business networks, enterprise associations and forums create a thriving and diverse business environment.
ABP International Alliance
‘Bilateral trade between the UK and China is a record high and surpassed £43 billion in 2013 with UK exports growing more than any other nation in Europe’
London Docklands
St Katharine's Dock
Headquarters Economy
The fusion of international business in one place creates a positive commercial and social energy.
ABP Shenyang
ABP Beijing
ABP Qingdao
ABP Southern Yangtze
ABP Beijing
‘Business-focused organisation working to stimulate trade amongst global enterprises’
- 400 buildings
- 500 companies
- Total investment: £1.1 billion
- 2,000 buildings
- 1,500 companies
- Total investment: £4.1 billion
- 800 buildings
- 600 companies
- Total investment: £2.2 billion
- 2,000 buildings
- 1,500 companies
- Total investment: £2.9 billion
Re-energising London's Docklands
Limehouse Basin
Canary Wharf
A world class business destination being transformed by £26 billion of investment
Royal Docks
29 European destinations
City of London
What makes ABP Royal Albert Dock
the right place for your business?
London moves east
> 3% vacancy
£132.0 psf
> 5% vacancy
£80.0 psf
10% vacancy
£40.0 psf
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