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The Happy Secret To Better Work

Ad Analysis

Grant Markel

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Happy Secret To Better Work

The Happy Secret to Better Work. Shawn Achor Speech Analysis Summary: Positive Psychology "Normal is merely average." Amy falls off of a bunk bed, and to stop her from crying Shawn tells her she is a unicorn. Giving her a positive outlook on the situation and a reason to not cry. Amy Becomes a Unicorn. BUT What are the differences between a writing and a speech? Happiness is based on how your brain perceives the outside world Harvard Boarding School Harvard: Shawn Achor Shawn is a well established speaker who was very well spoken on his subject. He made close to no flaws, his speech was very fluid and seemed to fly by due to the fast pace he was using. Throughout the speech Shawn used a great amount of imagery through past experiences in his life that helped shape his idea that happiness increases productivity. He was well prepared in his speech and made the minutes fly by due to great speaking ability and use of comedy throughout. PATHOS: LOGOS: Shawn used many facts throughout his speech to help reinforce the idea that Happiness can not just improve productivity but help your life in general. Shawn did however start off with a fake graph showing how to escape being average for a few different reasons. First do induce laughter, but then to tell the crowd how it's a possibility to escape being average and going above and beyond. At the very end of the speech Shawn began to show how happiness can impact every career and improve life through different statistics. He used such statistics as how much sales are increased, and how doctors are more accurate at diagnosing when positive rather than depressed or neutral. ETHOS: How was the Speach? Who is Shawn Achor? What Emotion was Evoked? References: In Shawn's first story he retells how back when he and his sister were kids, while playing his sister Amy fell off the bed and began to cry. Rather than letting her continue and wake his parents, he told her that only unicorns land the way she did when she fell. Suddenly knowing she was a unicorn changed Amy's perspective on the situation. Shawn then tells of how he went to Harvard, due to a military scholarship. Soon after being their he realizes that right after having the feeling of accomplishment of being accepted, students lose that feeling when work takes over and they try to achieve more than usual. After graduating Harvard Shawn stayed in the dorms to help students and become a speaker. After becoming well established he received a call from a prestigious boarding school in England in the context of a wellness week. After hearing that the week consisted of depression, bullying, eating disorders, illicit drug use, and risky sex/happiness, Shawn explained that it was not a wellness week but in fact a sickness week. He told them how they only talked about the negative, no positive. If you talk about the positive it is more likely to make an impact. Shawn is a published author, and international bestseller for his book "The Happiness Advantage." He is a prestigious speaker who has won over a dozen teaching awards at Harvard for his lectures on positive psychology. As stated by the Psychology and Psychiatry journal "Shawn Achor is one of the world's leading experts on human potential. Trained by the foremost pioneers in the field of positive psychology, he helped design the famed "happiness" course, the most popular at Harvard University at the time." Shawn is a Harvard graduate with 12 years experience in positive psychology. Along with his speaking and writing, Shawn is also the CEO of Good Think Inc. "who mission is to teach the principles of positive psychology in order to transform organizations and individuals." Throughout his speech Shawn evoked a lot of emotion by using past experiences that showed self connection to the subject at hand. Shawn used certain stories from his past such as Amy the unicorn, attending Harvard, and his talk with a prestigious boarding school. Shawn also evoked a good amount of laughter. He used a lot of well placed humor that always had the audience and myself laughing. By using these techniques he hit home with stories from his past, but also kept the audience in a good mood with the well placed humor to keep the audience listening, and content. What Facts? AMY THE UNICORN: BOARDING SCHOOL When it comes to a presenting, writing and speaking are total opposites. When using a writing or a speech there are positives and negatives to both mediums. When writing you can control your content, but once finished you can't change anything. While speaking your able to change more on the fly, and can change parts of the speech depending on how the audience is acting towards the subject at hand. With writing it is more responsible in terms of the information, but shows less emotion than a speaker showing his or her true feelings on a subject. A big difference between the two would be that in a speech to drive a point home speakers will repeat a point over and over, while in a paper big points are usually covered just once with big emphasis on it and its major points. The last big difference would be the visual appearance. When giving a speech good appearance is a must, while a writing no person is needed to make an appearance for it. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SPEECH AND WRITING sUMMARY: ROBERT J. CONNORS In his article Connors gives a great argumentative discussion between the two mediums of writing and speaking. He points out many differing points very clearly and shows the drastic differences. Throughout the writing Connors discusses Ethos, Pathos, and Logos all very specifically to give the reader more information the on the subjects. Connor has good arguments and shows his points very clearly with great examples and description throughout the paper to make it a more persuasive read. Good Think Inc.; In a New Book.(2010, October 2)Good Think Inc.; In a New Book, THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE. Retrieved December 6, 2012, from http://0-search.proquest.com.library.svsu.edu/docview/752100982/13AD72EAB1A347ACD38/1?accountid=960 Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work. (2012, February). Retrieved December 6, 2012.http://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work.html GoodThinkInc. Retrieved 2012, December 6 from http://goodthinkinc.com/ By Grant Markel
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