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L3 Literacy

No description

Jade Logan

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of L3 Literacy

Presented by Jade, Anna, Heather & Christine
L3, L2 and RR

What is L3?
L3 stands for...
Small groups
Quality lessons
Supportive Environment
5 weekly Assessment
Why L3?
* Guided Reading
* Read to Sessions
* Guided Writing
* Interactive Writing
* Independent Writing
* Talking & Listening
* Technology
* Independent activities
Aspects of L3
Enjoy Literacy!
Success in Kindergarten!!
What is L2?
*L2 is an intervention program for Year 2 students in the areas of reading and writing.
* Teacher is specifically trained
* Data is collected
Aspects of L2
* Daily, individual 30 minute lessons.

* Based on rich literary texts

* Carefully selected activities to meet individual needs
L2 Questions?
Why L2?
L2 aims to link both the reading and writing processes together to support independent Learning.
By Stage 1

*Year 1 students
* Intervention Program
* Individual Instruction
* Teacher is specifically trained

What is RR?
Reading Recovery
How RR?
* Daily Individual 30 minute lessons
* Structured lessons: individually designed to meet student's literacy needs.
* Supplement classroom instruction

Expectations of RR
RR Questions?
L3 in Stage 1
(Year 1 and Year 2)
* The child will be able to function independently as an average student in the Year 1 classroom.
* Data is collected
* Progression from L3 Kindergarten
* Greater focus on Reciprocal Reading (comprehension)
* Extension Activities
* Independent Learning
What I
I can
What I
I can
What I
I can
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