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The Gruesome Legend of Jan Prinsloo's Kloof.

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Katie .

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of The Gruesome Legend of Jan Prinsloo's Kloof.

By Kathryn McCaulley The Gruesome Legend Of Jan Prinloo's Koolf In the year 1860 a young settler by the name of Stephen Goodrick was searching South Africa for the perfect farm for him and his family. While he was searching several farmers had told him of affordable, good land near the Kouga Mountains. When Goodrick reached the farm he was amazed! The land was large, well watered by the river, and best of all, selling for an incredible bargain! Goodrick quickly bought the farm and sent for his family. Although the only one who would stay and work with Goodrick was an older man named Cupido. Goodrick tried to get others to work for him but they all told him no or mumbled about a superstition. Thankfully Cupido was able to round up three men who where willing to work. Goodrick was shocked by his story and soon decided he would be one of the people that left. Since he was an honest man he told everyone who wanted to buy the land the history of the farm. He eventually had to sell it for so little that it was almost free. Sadly the new owner got sick before he could reach the land and died. Since then no one has lived on the farm, and 150 years later the local people still say that the ghosts still act out the crime over and over again. The screams never dying out and the souls never resting. A month went by, and the farm was starting to do well. Goodrick's family had arrived and everything was good. Sadly this feeling was no to last. One night the whole family was awakened by a chilling scream. Goodrick grabbed his gun and ran outside to see what could have made such an awful sound, but all he found was his terrified horses. Over the next few months the same thing repeated again and again so Goodrick decided to find out what was going on. He went into town to visit the local Witchdoctor and she told him that on the night of January 15th he would have his answer. Goodrick told no one of the Witchdoctor's words and as the day approached he grew increasingly nervous. On the day of the 15th Goodrick went about his normal routine hoping to discover the secret. By the time nightfall came he hadn't heard or seen anything and began to doubt what the woman had said. When Goodrick finally woke up Cupido and his wife were standing over him. It seemed as if the horrors he had seen where gone. Goodrick begged Cupido to tell him what he knew and Cupido did just that, Cupido finally told the secret of the farm.

" Many years ago this farm was owned by a man named Jan Prinsloo. All people talked of him as a bad man, someone with no family and bandits for friends. Whenever some of his friends, or himself, had done something awful they would flee to this land. Jan had many local people working for him against their will. If they refused to work for him he would threaten them until they agreed. Jan was a cruel and hard person, and the stories about him could fill a book. What you laid eyes on tonight was his death. Although everyone thought he would meet an unhappy end, what eventually got him happened quite suddenly. One day Jan had returned to the farm and found that two of his wemon helpers had taken their children to a nearby town to visit a sick relative. The fact that the women had done so without his permission made him angry. He got the women's husbands and beat them with a sjambok until they could barely move. When the wemon and children got home he tied them to tree's and beat them too. When the children cried out for their mother's he killed them. At some point Jan got bored and went to bed, leaving the children dead and the parent's laying in the field. While Jan slept a quiet fell over the farm. He went outside and saw that all of his servants had left and took his horses with them. He decided to leave before anything bad could happen, so he jumped on his last horse and started to ride away. About halfway he realized that he had left too late because the seven horsemen were already after him. You were unlucky enough to see the rest. It was such a horror filled night that the land has been forever stained. Every year, on this night Prinsloo and his killers live out his death again and again. Making the death live on for everyone who comes here. Many farmers have tried to live here since that time, but everyone has left in a hurry, and I fear this place may never be free." As Goodeick went into the house he could see storm clouds looming overhead.
At around eight o'clock that night Goodrick was surprised to see Cupido standing outside his door. Cupido nervously asked his master if he could sleep in the kitchen that night. Goodrick eyed the storm, remembering the Witchdoctor's words, let him inside. It was about midnight when the storm finally calmed and Goodrick crept downstairs to see what damage it had caused outside. When he entered the kitchen he saw Cupdio huddled by a small lanturn and he was nervously looking outside the window. " Cupido, what are you doing up? " Goodrick asked him in surpirse. " I am afraid master, and you should be too! If I were you I would bar the doors and not even try to look outside for the next hour!" Cupido said the words so strongly the Goodrick felt a tingle on the back of his neck. Just then the fimiliar scream sounded, outside louder than ever and followed by sounds of cries and horses. " What is it? What's going to happen?" Getting no answer from his servant Goodrick loaded his gun and stepped outside. What he saw terrified him more than anything else. Coming down from the hills were seven ghostly riders chasing another rider at high speed. As they grew closer Goodrick could see their wepons and hollow eyes. One of the horsemen shot the horse out from under man and they quickly got off of their own horses. They pinned the man down and chopped off all of his limbs and with one final slash they cut off his head and held it high as if it was a trophy. The leader of thehorsemen removed the man's cloths and cut him open. The group removed all of his organs while the leader kept the heart for himself. The sight was too much for poor Goodrick and he ended up passing out. THE END Culture The South African people strongly believe in what the Witchdoctor's say and take their advice seriously. They also believe that the spirits stay on the earth if they happen to have a sad or violent end. Figurative Language. There is plenty of imagery in the story, for example, when Jan is being killed it is easy to picture. The same goes for when Cupido when he knocked of Goodrick's door while the storm loomed in the background. Other than imagery there truthfully isn't any other types of figurative language.
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