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Dork Diaries

No description

Summer Mosley

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Dork Diaries

I think Francesa Capaldi would be a good actor for the role of Brianna Maxwell because of her history of playing as a little sister. Brianna is a bratty and spoiled 6-year-old. She is known to always get her way. She, like many six year olds, is very gullible and believes in things like the supernatural and whatever someone tells them. Despite being annoying, Nikki still loves and cares for her.
“ B-but what if the TOOTH FAIRY is hiding in there?! OOPS...!! ”
– Brianna
Cameron Boyce
Rachael Elaine Harris
I think that Rachael Elaine Harris is fit for the role of Mrs. Maxwell the mother of Nikki Maxwell . I think this because in Ms.Harris role as Susan Heffley in the series " Dairy of a wimpy kid" she played as a mother that gave her child a diary for a gift. She is a supporting character.
Dove Olivia Cameron
I think that Dove Olivia Cameron is fit for the role as Jessica Hunter. Jessica hunter is the second highest-ranking CCP at WCD and MacKenzie's best friend. Just as MacKenzie, she does not like Nikki and is extremely rude to her. She is an antagonist of the story and she is the sidekick of MacKenzie Hollister.
"Nikki, can't you see I'm busy? My nails won't be dry for at least another twelve minutes! Come back next week. ”
– Jessica to Nikki
Genevieve Knight Hannelius
I think that Genevieve Knight Hannelius is very fit for the role of Nikki J. Maxwell because Ms.Hannelius seems like the shy type that tries to fit in and Nikki is very shy and she tries to be like the cool kids. For example when she said " Everyone could call me with all the JUICY gossip on my new phone"Then the CCP "Cool, Cute, & Popular" girls invited her eat to lunch with them because they heard about her "600 dollar Juicy Couture designer cell phone" but she really had a flip phone. Also I think she is fit for the role because in her role on "Dog with a blog" She is a smart, nice and sweet girl. She loves school and learning new things. She is very nice to people and loves her family and friends. Avery used to be shy and a little awkward. She wanted everything to be perfect and always made rules and that is exactly what Nikki portrays in this book.
"OMG! I'm so lucky to have friends like them!"
– Nikki, talking about Chloe and Zoey
Dork Diaries
Based on the novel "Dork Diaries tales from a not so fabulous life"
Written by Rachel Renee Russell
Director Summer Mosley

Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne
I think Bella Thorne is fit for the role of Marcy Simms because Marcy seems very sensitive because she began to cry when Mr. Zimmerman began to yell at the newspaper staff. She seems to like fashion, sewing, and writing. While Marcy didn't stand up to MacKenzie, she finds out about Nikki's dilemma and she stood up for them. I think Bella Thorne would be good for this role because she looks like the type that is into fashion and sewing. She is a the sidekick of Nikki J.Maxwell.
“ You're my only friends here at this school! ”
– Marcy to Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey
Stefanie Noelle Scott
I think Stefanie Noelle Scott should play the role as MacKenzie Hollister. I say this because in the show "Ant Farm" she plays a mean girl that takes advantage of other people and she is really good at that role so I think she should be the mean girl in this movie.Also she is an antagonist.
– MacKenzie to Nikki
I think Cameron Boyce can pull of the role of Brandon Roberts because he has the looks, the peronality, and he looks like the popular type. Brandon is one of the most popular students at Westchester Country Day, even though, on the inside, he is a dork. He is interested in photography and he wants to be a veterinarian.
Francesca Capaldi
Work Cited
nickelodeon - Bing
Pictures - Prezi.com
Dork Diares
Genevieve Knight Hannelius
Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
I think Zendaya is a good actress for the role of Zoey Franklin because she has played as a sweet person in almost all of her roles.Zoey is nice, sweet, and loyal. She always stands up for Nikki, along with Chloe, when people pick on her. They seem to be great friends, being the "unpopulars". She is understanding and could also be a little absent minded.
“ "That's a wicked idea"
-Zoey about Chloe's tattoo plan ”
My film would follow the book as much as possible but I would add a part to it. I would add a scene where Nikki's friends would push her to talk to Brandon and he finds interest in her. I think the movie should be shot at a school and at Nikki's home.
Cool Kids
She sees them walking in a straight line, that's not really her style.And they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind.Nothing in this world could ever bring them down.Yeah, they're invincible, and she's just in the background.And she says,"I wish that I could be like the cool kids,'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids."
I chose the song "Cool Kids" because Nikki is trying to be like the cool kids and she is not being herself and sheis doing anything she can to be a cool kid.
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