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No description

Barbara Szymaniuk

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC 2015

AIESEC 2015 BHAG Engage and develop every young person in the world Vision
2015 Global Youth Voice Our growing
virtual reach … AIESEC XP
more accessible to
More Customers
Promoters ... oGIP oGCDP iGCDP oGIP TLP TMP TMP TLP iGCDP First Choice
Partner … our ability to
develop responsible
leadership Program
to ensure
all programs are
developing leadership iGIP TLP TMP iGCDP oGCDP iGCDP TLP oGIP Positive Impact Our collaborative
environment … Strengthening
the exchange program
living team XP TLP oGCDP oGIP iGCDP iGIP TLP TMP TMP iGCDP Positive Impcat First Choice Partner Global Youth Voice Numeric Plans = MoS of @2015 AIESEC Poland 2013 First Choice
Partner Positive
Impcat Global Youth
Voice MY TEAM Ambition 2015 are not just the numbers!!!
but first ... what we need to do ? what drive our success ? and how we can improve our success drivers ? and how we can measure it ? Let's see .... My project My contribution to
@ Poland ?
my ICX plans ? why we need plan ? er plans ? what about team ? I as a Leader in @ ???
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