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IE Application - Express Yourself

No description

Tamar Shavdia

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of IE Application - Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Effective instructions delivery can be implemented based on sound communication strategy entailing three main STAGES for execution:

What Should be Delivered?
Communication Plan

Evaluation of Communication Effectiveness
For your time and consideration
Q: "You have just participated in an important meeting with your superior. How will you ensure that every part of the instructions you received will properly reach all subordinates, suppliers and clients located in different parts of the world?"
- Definition of
should be Delivered?

- Communication Plan -
to deliver

- Evaluating the
of Communication

Collecting relevant information during the meeting;
Making minutes of the meeting for having more detailed information about the issues discussed and instructions given;
Describing particular tasks that should be communicated;
Underlying the importance of these tasks to the project overall;
Identifying responsibilities of recipients to ensure that each task is properly assigned to relevant recipient;
Classifying messages according to the level of importance and deadlines for information delivery;

Creating the list of subordinates, clients and suppliers to whom the instructions should be delivered;
Indicating the deadlines for getting instructions;
Identifying their roles and responsibilities to the company and particular project;
Making effective planning and on time information delivery that keeps the project on track and helps to avoid confusion;

Making detailed, clear and accurate message delivery;
Writing the instructions in an understandable and concise manner. Considering cross cultural communication, language barriers and cultural differences of recipients that can lead to barriers of effective communication;
Sending out instructions in a simple language (English) in order to obtain a feedback on accuracy;
Underlying the importance of instructions in fulfillment of the project with appropriate deadlines;
Highlighting the value and importance of recipient's contribution to the project and the company;
Asking for feedback (message receiving confirmation) and offer any additional assistance if needed;
Defining the timing and deadlines as far as the instructions need to be implemented within the definite time period;
Considering cross cultural factors in the respect of time zones according to the countries recipients are located in order to ensure that the instructions are timely delivered;
Arranging the instructions that should be sent out according to the urgency criteria, importance and time consuming delivery;

To ascertain that all staff receives the same currency and accuracy of information regardless of where they are located or what their role is.
Information should be reached to the destination through the proper channel to give instructions how to do a task. Selection of a communication channel depends on the audience.
Does the recipient read emails thoroughly?
Or does he/she hear me better in a personal discussion?
Message conveyed should be well understood and accepted by receiver in right perspective.
Clear communication is always a two-way process. It requires feedback that is accurate and rich in information. For adequate feedback, communication should entail:
Completion of the information exchange;
Due date for the feedback;
Proper explanation why task is important;
Readiness for unexpected feedback, such as:
-Asking for additional information
-Unplanned emergency communication
It is important to review the success of communication, how messages were digested, considering what remedial activities are requested. It may be something to address immediately or dealt with the next phase.
Tamar Shavdia

"The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership"
James C. Humes
Message delivered should be well understood and accepted by the receiver in right perspective
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