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The Progressives

No description

Maritza Morris

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of The Progressives

The Changing Role of the State
BUT Government needs cleaning up too!!
Muller v. Oregon (1908)
Max hour laws pertaining to
Defining Progressivism-
Bull Moose Party
Splits ticket, Loses election to Democrats
Moderate reformers

do think there are many problems in society, but are not radical in approach

Middle/ upper class men & women
mostly white and educated
believers in scientific method
believe modern life is out of control
Industrialization, immigration, urbanization had changed the country so quickly that there was problems that needed to be addressed

more government involvement
(turn away from

want people taken care of
(concerned for well being)

Element of Social Control
(think: Zitkala-Sa)
What do they want?
Progressives believe problems are so big, only gov't can fix them
(think: George Washington Plunkett)
Cleaning up Government
allows for the voters to demand attention to a particular issue;
voters take the initiative to create legislature

issues that must go through public first (money issues, funding projects)
voters decide to end the term of an official they believe is not doing their job
[all of these are enhanced to create direct democracy!!]
Gov. Robert Lafollette (Wisconsin Idea)
Fiercely opposed corporate power
& political corruption

required the state to keep track of births and deaths

gov't invested in public services to ensure public health

the idea of regulating telephone and telegraph companies and other big ones

this is one of the most active period for amendments to the constitution

16th Amendment (1909)

allows gov't to collect income tax
this would pay for all their plans

17th Amendment (1911)
decided the direct election of senators
BY the people

Enlarging the Government's Role:
Upton Sinclair
The Jungle (1906)
Roosevelt pushes for
Pure Food & Drug Act
Aimed at America's heart and stomach
18th Amendment: Prohibition (1919)
America's drinking problem = Working conditions
Volstead Act
makes consumption illegal
Manufacturing, sale, distribution
Domestic Violence and women's groups
Lochner v. New York (1905)
Ref: laws limiting # of hours
fined $50 for allowing worker more than 60 hrs. per week
Supreme Ct. decides unconstitutional
Uphold law b/c of women's reproductive function-- "women deserve gov't protection"
"Family has priority over women's rights as workers"
Worker Protection Laws
Claims women are dependent
and vulnerable
Conflict over whom to nominate, TR starts Bull Moose Party
Woodrow Wilson wins!
Women's Roles & Transcending Separate Spheres- "Cult of True Womanhood"
Social Progressivism
Higher Education, Women's clubs
Civic Housekeeping
Settlement Houses: Jane Addams' Hull House (doc.)

Margaret Sanger & fight for Birth Control
Women's Suffrage
19th Amendment (1920)
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Lucretia Mott (15th Amendment)

"Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God"
Alice Paul
Kaiser Wilson
Who are they?
Interference of worker's freedom to contract labor
Justifies sex discrimination
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