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Math- Fractions Lesson

3rd Grade - Understanding Fractions

Courtney Cantrell

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Math- Fractions Lesson

3rd Grade: Math- Fractions Standard 1:
Students will understand the base-ten numeration system, place value concepts, simple fractions and perform operations with whole numbers.

Objective 2:
Use fractions to communicate and compare parts of the whole.

by: Courtney Cantrell What is a fraction? A fraction is the ratio of two whole numbers
For example:
1/4 3/5 7/8 http://www.kidsolr.com/math/fractions.html In Proper fractions, the numerator is always smaller than the denominator. How many yellow circles do we have? =3/6 which can be reduced to 1/2 How many triangles do we have left after we have taken away 3? = = 5/8 triangles are left Improper fractions have a larger numerator than denominator 5/1 = 5 1/1 = 1 6/2= 3 8/4 = 2

7/3 = 2 and 1/3 or 9/4= 2 and 1/4 These fractions can be reduced to simplify the answer Here are some improper fractions 7/3 9/4 12/7 43/30 129/15 If it is an improper fraction, we would simplify it to a whole number and a smaller faction APA References (n.d.).Retrieved from

(n.d.). Retrieved from youtube video

Webb, BJ (2000). General Format http://www.kidsolr.com/math/fractions.html
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