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Lunch and Learn example

No description

Estelle Montgomery

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Lunch and Learn example

Surrounding State Transportation Funding Comparisons Department of Transportation Five-Year Report

2011 Transportation 20/20 Recommendations:

Increase the state fuel tax rates across the board by eight to ten cents.

Increase the “Fee for New Registration” from 5% to 6%.

The DOT should evaluate and recommend a funding mechanism in their report to the legislature that applies to alternatively-fueled, hybrid and high fuel efficiency vehicles (including commercial vehicles).

New funding should go to the TIME-21 Fund up to the cap ($225 million) and remaining new funding should be distributed consistent with the RUTF distribution formula.

The Iowa Code should be changed to require the study of the sufficiency of the state’s road funds to meet the road system’s needs every two years instead of every five years.

By June 30, 2012, the DOT should complete a study of vehicles and equipment that use Iowa’s public roadway system but pay no user fees or substantially lower user fees than other vehicles and equipment. Road Funding Future Concerns After the Off-the-Top Allocations and Appropriations – RUTF funds disbursed as follows:
Primary Road Fund (State) - 47.5%
1.75% of this distribution goes to the Transfer of Jurisdiction Fund

Secondary Road Fund (Counties) - 24.5%

Farm-to-Market Road Fund (Counties) - 8.0%

Street Construction Fund (Cities) - 20.0% Road Use Tax Fund Distributions
In accordance with Code § 312.2 Annual Appropriations
DOT Motor Vehicle Division
Driver’s License Costs (Lease)
511 Travel/Weather Information Systems
State Auditor Reimbursement
DAS Utility Services
DIA – Driver License Revocation Hearings
Workers Compensation
Unemployment Compensation
MVD Field Facility Maintenance Statutory Allocations (§ 312.2)
Primary Road Fund – Commercial & Industrial Network
Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE)
Park and Institutional Roads
Highway Safety Projects
Living Roadway Trust Fund
City/County Bridge Funds
County Treasurers Equipment
Driver’s License Personal Delivery of Service Road Use Tax Fund
Off-the-Top Allocations and Appropriations
Examples 1949 Constitutional amendment:

“Section 8, Article VII, Iowa Constitution, except for administrative costs, all vehicle registration fees, license fees, and motor vehicle fuel taxes are mandated to be spent for the construction, maintenance, and supervision of the State’s public highways. The use tax on motor vehicles and equipment, however, is exempt from the constitutional mandate.” Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) Establishment For more information, call or email:
Estelle Montgomery
Fiscal Services Division, Legislative Services Agency



Located: Ola Babcock Miller Building – 2nd Floor History of Iowa Road Funding LSA: February 2012 Lunch & Learn Presentation

Road Funding
February 20, 2012

Estelle Montgomery
Legislative Services Agency
Fiscal Services Division *Senate File 2420 (enacted in 2008) increased trailer fees from $10 to $20 and $30, depending on whether it is a small or large trailer. The initial $10 for these fees is deposited in the Statutory Allocations Fund. The increase, either $10 or $20, is deposited in the TIME-21 Fund. Small trailers, paying $20, account for 71.0% of total trailers registered. Motor Vehicle
Registration Fees
$117.5 Trailer
Fees Increase*
$10.1 Title & Salvage Title
$9.8 20.0% 20.0% Primary
Road Fund
$82.4 Secondary
Road Fund
$27.5 Street
$27.5 60.0% Other Road Funds: TIME-21 Fund
Estimated FY 2013 Revenues & Allocations
(Dollars in Millions) TIME-21 Fund
$137.4 Notes: In FY 2005, the jurisdiction and control of approximately 400 miles of Farm-to-Market road extensions in cities with a population of less than 500 were transferred to the respective counties (not shown in the above table). As a result, a portion of Municipal Road Fund from those cities is transferred monthly to the Secondary Road Fund of the respective counties. The total amount transferred is estimated at $2.1 million annually.

The Transfer of Jurisdiction Fund sunsets on June 30, 2013. After that, 1.75% of the Primary Road Fund will be distributed as follows: 90.0% to Secondary Road Fund and 10.0% to Street Construction Fund. Street Construction Fund
$0.6 Street Construction Fund
All Cities
Secondary Road Fund
All Counties
$1.9 22.5% 2.5% 10.0% Secondary Road Fund
$5.6 90.0% Other Road Funds: Transfer of Jurisdiction Fund
Estimated FY 2013 Revenues & Allocations
(Dollars in Millions) 75.0%
Primary Road Fund
Secondary & Municipal
Road Funds
Cities & Counties That Assumed
Jurisdiction of Primary Roads
$6.2 Transfer of
Jurisdiction Fund
$8.3 Renewable Fuel
Infrastructure Fund
$3.0*** Commercial
Title Fees
$0.8 Trailer
Fee for
New Registration
$11.5 Revenues Car Rental Tax
$2.9 Use Tax*
Driver’s License
Nonoperator IDs
$12.5 Title Surcharge
$4.9 Trailer
Registration Fees
$8.1 Title & Salvage
Title Fees
$7.4 *Includes the use tax on mobile homes and manufactured homes and on leased vehicles not subject to registration

**Due to accounting procedures, the balance of the SAF transfers to the RUTF in FY 2013.

***The allocation to the Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Fund became effective July 1, 2011, with the enactment of SF 531 (Biofuel Retail and Production Incentives Act) during the 2011 Legislative Session. Order of Allocations Balance to RUTF**
$19.6 Underground
Storage Tank Loan
$14.0 Public Transit
$10.7 Motorcycle Rider
Education Fund
$0.6 Special Plate
$1.5 Other Road Funds: Statutory Allocations Fund
Estimated FY 2013 Revenues & Allocations
(Dollars in Millions) Statutory
Allocations Fund
$49.4 1834 1925 1904 Territorial labor requirements Personal, property, and liquor taxes Federal intervention funding Vehicle registration fees Tax levies Vehicle license fees Federal funding, Primary Road Fund Bonding and gas taxes RUTF Today 2008
TIME-21 Act Current revenues After fees reach $392.0 million, the remaining amount collected for the fiscal year will be transferred to the TIME-21 Fund. Motor vehicle fuel taxes Motor vehicle and motor carrier registration fees Fee for new registration SF 2420 restructured revenues Body Body Other: interest, underground storage fees, permits, plates, etc. Body Body Body Body Body Body Federal Funding Status
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