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Copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I made this prezi for a language arts project, On the book none other than : Miss Pegrines Home for Peculiar Children

Kahlia P

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage.
Sixteen year-old Jacob goes off to find an abandoned orphanage that was in many of his grandfathers stories, shortly after his grandfathers death; His grandgather was hunted down by hollows (he was peculiar, his peculiar talent was the ability to see the monsters...Jacob had this same talent). These stories include peculiar children that lived in the orphanage.
Peculiars are being hunted as well by monsters called Hollows.

Towards the end you might think the story is over...but youre wrong, its just getting started.
Emma Bloom
Millard Nullings
Dr Golan was Jacobs psychiatrist and his Bus Driver...AND his grandpas neighbor... I'm guessing you think this is kind of weird, right? Well it is, Dr.Golan is a wight... and hes been stalking Jacobs grandfather, and waiting for the right moment to feed his hollow, not a five star meal... but Abe Portman. Dr. Golan was great at disguise. He knew about Jacob and his family and became Jacob's psychiatrist to get inside Jacobs head to make Jacob think he was crazy and was seeing things that night in the woods when he found his grandpa, clinging on to life. Dr.Golan follows Jacob to Carinholm and attempts to attack & kill him, along with the other peculiars.
Hollow City
This is the next book in the series that continues the first book
Bronwyn Bruntley
Miss Peregrine
Miss Peregrine is in charge of the childrens loop on the day of September 3rd 1940, She makes sure everything is and stays in order in her time loop. She is an Ymbrine that turns into a Peregrine Falcon. She is Also Known As : The Bird
Jacob Portman
A sixteen year old boy who is a misfit. His only friend is a screw-up and a rebel, but kindhearted most of the time towards Jacob. Jacob is the kind of kid who takes a mean joke and shakes it off but it hurt him inside. When his grandfather died he felt so lost because that was the one man who understood him. Jacob is hard to understand, he never know why he didnt fit in. (he did not know this until later in the book) that he is a peculiar child and can see monsters that normal people, and other peculiars cannot. He was Abe Portmans Grandson

Peculiar Talent: The Ability To See Hollows
Shes the kind of girl that is extremely mean until she gets to know you. Shes very alert and shows very little emotion enough. It would take a lot to crack her. She is 88 years old but appears to be not a day older than 16. She wont hesitate to teach you a lesson. Ther'es also a softer side to Emma, shed risk her life to save any of the peculiars... even Enoch. She is the first peculiar child who came across Jacob...and nearly killed him...
Peculiar Talent: Summoning Fire With Her Hands
Millard is a very intelligent child, he once spent a whole year studying pigs, pigs! He is around the age of 87 but like Emma and all other peculiars, does'nt look NEARLY that old. Millard keeps track of what goes on in the loops. He is also quite humorous , he likes to spy on people in the house in...the nude. He is able to do this because hes invisible, the only way you'd know he was there was if he had clothes on, but then again all you'd be able to see is the clothes!
Peculiar Talent: Invisibility
Bronwyn is a very stubborn kid, as you can see in this picture she 1. has no shoes on and 2. does'nt look very happy. She would be considered a tomboy. She did'nt want to wear a dress, but Miss Peregrine made her. She drew the line at the fancy shoes.
Bronwyn is a very courageous character as well, she risked being shot and killed to help the others save Miss Peregrine from the Wights.
Peculiar Talent: Super Strength
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