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Werewolf Prezi

No description

Christi Koutrelakos

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Werewolf Prezi

Monsters of the Night

Defining Fear
Werewolves and Fear

Loss of Control
The transformation process is excruciatingly painful and scary to have to face.
Physical Torment
factors that cause the fear of being a werewolf
Life as a lone wolf
The potion
Almost harming Harry and his friends
Harry Potter (Remus Lupin)
Red Riding Hood doesn't know she's the wolf
She unknowingly kills the people in her village
The red cloak helps keep her in control
Once Upon A Time
In werwolf form one looses control and sense of humanity.
George counts down the days until he turns
Worries about hurting people
The transformations are painful
Being Human
Scott always wonders if he will hurt his teammates
He wonders if he can survive
Teen Wolf
Being Human
The "rules" associated with being a werewolf
Avoiding the transformation
Preperation for the transformation
Vampire Diaries
factors that cause the fear of encountering a werewolf
Physical Monstrosity
Werewolves become giant and ferocious animals that lack physical human characteristics
The Nature of Their Killings
Werewolves kill in the most violent, painful, and bloody way
Werewolves tend to be associated with heinous symbols.
werwolf completely beast-like

"bristling hairs" (228)

"rabid jaws" (228)

"and he became a wolf" (228)
"Lycaon and Jupiter"
Perception of Evil
Michael Jackson's transformation in Thriller music video:

eyes glow
grows hair, fangs, and claws
girl is screaming, petrified just by his appearance
Death by werewolf envokes the most fear
- anxiety: victims know they are being hunted

- violence: claws, teeth, and animal killer instinct

- pain: ripped and torn to pieces
The Kill
devours women and children
"tearing the children out of their wombs" (70)
violently kills his own son
"ate their hearts panting hot and raw"(70)
"Stubbe Peeter"
historically, werewolves " hell-possessed and devil-driven" (77)
they had "the supernatural power of Satan" (77)
rooted as the antithesis of Christ
Valerie M. Fogleman's "American Attitudes Towards Wolves"
feeds on flesh
easily admits to eating animals and children
"It's quite two months since I tasted child-flesh" (Saki 61)
"Gabriel Ernest"
George's Transformation in
Being Human

physically painful because breaking and reforming of bones
has to undergo once a month
Fear is anxiety caused by 2 factors:
- external harm
- internal conflict

Monstrosity encompasses these fears

External Fear
- physically monstrous
- violent, horrific killing
- perception of evil

Internal Fear
- lack of control
- anxiety of anticipation
- physical tournment

Stefan Dziemianowicz's "The Werewolf"
Werewolves' "divided nature" (669)

Human self does not transfer over to werewolf form

Metaphor for psychological disorders (split personality)
Werewolves wait just thinking about the next full moon.
Violence of deaths

Being hunted

Lack of Control
Inhuman strength/reflexes

More efficient killers

living with consequences

Purpose of attack

Region of attack

by: Talia DeBenedictis, Christi Koutrelakos, Malavika Rao, Amreen Syed

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