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Julia Kolt

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Title



Walt Disney invented cartoons (animation). He called the first cartoons he made Laugh-O-Grams. The time he started Laugh-O Grams was in 1922. These were considered an invention because Walt Disney put these comics onto a camera and the pictures he made seemed to move. Each Laugh-O-Gram was about seven minutes long. Laugh-O-Grams only lasted from 1922 to 1923 (his business went bankrupt).
Walt Disney
Walt Disney went to see his brother (Roy) in Los Angeles after Laugh-O- Grams went bankrupt. Roy offered his brother to become a director. As a director Disney continued making cartoons for people's enjoyment. Roy and him made a movie called "Alice in Cartoon Land" (which later lead to "Alice in Wonderland"). Alice in Cartoon Land was the first movie Disney made using animation. The movie was a hit.
Soon people found a way to bring sound into Disney's animations. Disney's first production with sound was "Steamboat Wille". That cartoon came out in 1928. Later in 1929 Disney made a sires of shorts (short cartoons) called "Silly Symphony". Then apart of the sires was one called "Flowers and Trees". Flowers and Trees was the first animation/cartoon made in color. In 1932 his animation won an Academy Award for having the best cartoon. In the past Walt Disney got married (on 27/13/1925). On 12/21/1936 he had his first child Diane and adopted another girl named Sharon in 12/21/1936.
Earlier Inventions
Disney would have never have invented this without the invention of comics. He needed comics because his invention were based on comics.
WAlt Disney
Walt Disney
Walt Disney
Walter Disney
Walt Disney lived from 12/5/1901 to 12/15/1966. Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois. He had four siblings when growing up (three brothers and one sister). Roy, one of his brothers, became very close to Disney. He was later educated at the schools "Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design", Chicago Art Institute, and (McKinley High School).
Copy Right 1996
Later Films
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs first veiwing was on 12/21/1937. It was really popular. Snow White got 1.499 million dollars thou it was in the time of the great depression. The movie even won Honorary Academy award. Later in 1939 Disney had his Burbank Studio. Using Burbank Studio, Disney made Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi. In 1950 Cinderella came out and it became more popular than Snow White. Cinderella was followed by Alice in Wonderland in 1951 and later Peter Pan came out in 1953.
by: JUlia KOlt
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