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Margaret Wise Brown

No description

Diane Wicker

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise

Margaret Wise Brown
Born: May 23, 1910 in Connecticut
Graduated from Hollins University in VA with a B.A. in English
Was a teacher and studied art
Employed by Bank Street Experimental School in NYC
Helped to develop the "here and now" approach to writing for children
First published in 1937:
When the Wind Blew
After publication, worked as an editor until her death
Published well over 100 works
Died: November 13, 1952
Presented by: Diane Wicker
Best known for: "Goodnight Moon" & "The Runaway Bunny"
Know Your Audience
The "here and now" Philosophy:
Helped developed and tested the "new" idea at Bank Street Experimental School with Lucy Mitchell
Children want to hear/read stories relevant to their own lives
Traded stories with kindergarteners
Had illustrators come to draw with the class to gain insight as to what they wanted to see in pictures
“In this modern world where activity is stressed almost to the point of mania, quietness as a childhood need is too often overlooked. Yet a child's need for quietness is the same today as it has always been--it may even be greater--for quietness is an essential part of all awareness. In quiet times and sleepy times a child can dwell in thoughts of his own, and in songs and stories of his own.”

-Margaret Wise Brown

Interesting MWB Facts:
Traveled in high social circles


Eccentric: liked practical jokes

Never won an award

Proponent of Golden Books (wrote 29)

Untimely death at age 42

"writer of Songs and Nonsense" inscribed on a rock marks her final resting place
Unlimited Creativity
MWB has hundreds of works published

Dreams of stories and can't write them down fast enough

Used 6 different publishers at the same time

Used at least 4 known pen names (Golden MacDonald, Juniper Sage, Kaintuck Brown, Timothy Hay)

New manuscripts to be published...
"The Important Book"
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