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Mobile Application

No description

Katie Alcaraz

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Application

Phone notification alerts
News Feed will be part of the main page
We will have regular updates and message boards where gamers can stay updated.
How to Sign Up to Play
You will need an email, username, and password to commence.
Once you sign up, all personal information is confidential excluding your gaming history
You have the opportunity to use your Debit/Credit to buy more games included inside the app
Entertainment Aspect
Medley provides many different games that are not available in the market.
Create some nostalgia by playing video games from your childhood, all while competing against friend.
Will start with a basic package of Mario Bros., Pokemon, and Zelda.
Any game purchased will come in a packet two games for $.99

Revenue Plan
App will cost .99 cents so you don’t have to worry about advertisements distracting from playing
Buy other games within the app
Advertising our product on similar gaming websites and apps such as Game Stop, Pandora, Flow, Angry Birds, etc.
How will our mobile app be different?
Target Audience
Our product is aimed towards vintage video game lovers who would like to have an interactive gaming experience through our app.
Individuals from ages ranging from 7 and up
Available in multiple languages
Mobile Editor: Katie's job is to make sure the app runs well on the mobile platform
Marketing Director: Lizet's job is figuring out whose our future buyers and how to sell it to them
Sales Manager: Lesley's job is figure our sales and marketing makes it quota
Web Master: Tatianna's job is to developing our website and makes sure it runs smoothly
Office Manager: Brian's job is to make sure the office runs swith our a hitch.
The employees who are going to work for Speckle are people who majored in Game Design.
Website: www.medley.com

Our product will allow users to interact with other players through the use of electronics.
Players will be allowed to access other users scores and gaming history where they can then friend them to exchange gifts such as extra points or tip how to pass levels
Players can stay updated on their accounts and playing invitations through Facebook and Twitter
As long as gamers have profiles they can play with anyone else they would like to
Can be accessed on TV, smart phone, and computer
Play games that are in rare stock
Family friendly
Play with friends
Special games for phone and computer use only
Specialized games assigned for computer or phone only
Can shake and tilt to control games which cant be done on computer
Certain games offered can only be played on app or computer versions.
Competitors will be angry birds, candy crush, and other popular games
Will come with multiple other games
As our competitors are limited to one game per app, a variety of games that can be played on Meadly and used have access to rare vintage games.

Medley is a game and online community app all in one. You can communicate and message your friends while also playing classic video games.
It is the only app of it kind on the market where you can share achievements, message friends, earn rewards and even play multi-player games.
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