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Kyle Lindsey Lindsay

A short presentation on the benefits of utilizing chiropractic care to enhance running performance.

Lindsay Sapp

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Kyle Lindsey Lindsay

Enhance your running experience Running "Go the extra mile... It's never crowded."
- Author Unknown Chiropractic Joint Restriction causes compensations Adjustments restore
functional movement Repetitive trauma Injury Compensations alter movement patterns
and decrease
function adaptive soft tissues nervous system communication optimum functionality Enhancing Sports Performance
Presented by
Kyle Boland, DC
Lindsey Luke, DC
Lindsay Sapp, DC Combined 18 years of higher education
over 600 hours of continuing education
college-level athletic participants
3-time marathon runners
4-time triathlete competitors
2-time duathlete competitors
co-founders of RunRedding Club 50% Discount Initial Consultation
if you schedule today after the presentation! Contact Dynamic Chiropractic Health Center
Today @ 774-DYNAMIC Treating elite athletes
2010 Winter Olympics Different feet... different shoes Are you wearing the right shoes?
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