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Spanish History

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Alex Kurucz

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of Spanish History

Spanish History
The Spanish Empire
Spanish Culture
Hernan Cortes
Spanish Weapons, Tactics, and Uniforms
Spanish Laws
Spanish Religion

Spain was one of the largest empires in history. Spain was the first to be called “The Empire On Which The Sun Never Sets” Spain held territories that are outside of outside of Europe as well. They are Greater Antilles,half of South America,much of North America,and many places in the Philippines. The empire originated after the voyage of Columbus when he discovered lands and lasted until the late 19th century.

Fifty years after Columbus’ exploration, there was a lot of activity including exploration,conquest,and colonization. In 1506,the entire continental shore of the Caribbean Sea was explored.In 1515,the conquest of Cuba,the founding of Havanna,and the islands of Carribean were under Spanish control.

After the conquest of the Aztec,the Inca population suffered severe,dramatic and quick decline mostly due to illness and disease. Many of the remaining people were enslaved.Also, Christianity increased and new techniques were introduced such as oil painting and fused artistic traditions of region.
Throughout Spanish history, explorers under the Spanish influence, claimed many lands. To do this, the explorers needed permission and supplies from the king, people to go with the explorers, and more. In this presentation you will learn all about Spanish history.
Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition(also known as the Tribunal of Holy Office of the Inquisition)was created to maintain Catholic orthodoxy. It was created by Catholic monarchs Ferdinand II of Argon and Isabella I of Castile. It operated mainly in Spain.It was an independent Inquisition that only operated in Spanish territory. The king said that god gave him a document to give to the explorers saying that they had permission to take possession of land that they find. But they had to get permission from the Collage of Cardinals to conquer people.
Hernando Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin,Spain. At the age of 14 Cortes was sent to study law at University of Salamanca. He was fascinated by Christopher Columbus and revered him. In 1504, at the age of 19, he joined Diego Velazquez's expedition to Cuba. He was, many years later, the governor of New Spain. After the expedition he convinced Velasquez to let him lead an expedition to Mexico. He set sail with 11 ships, 508 men, 17 horses and several mastiff dogs.He also set sail with cannons and guns.

In 1519, Cortes ships reached the Mexican coast at Yucatan. Soon later, he set sail from Yucatan, West. He then declared himself under the orders of king Charles of Spain. He trained his 500 men to act as a unit of soldiers. He heard about the Aztecs and their leader, Montezuma II. He later encountered a group of natives called the Tlaxcalans ,enemies with the Aztecs, who became one of Cortez's allies.

When the Aztecs first saw Cortes they thought he was the god Quetzalcoatl. The Spanish to Aztec ratio was 20:1. The Aztec wanted to present the Spanish to their king. There was a war between the Spanish and the Aztec soon later. The ratio of dead Aztec to Spanish was 1,000:2. The Spanish overpowered the Aztecs although, the Spanish were driven out of town. He left the land but came back later on and lived in Mexico for 10 more years. Cortes later died in Spain in 1547.

Explorers may only take 500 men on their conquest
Explorers may only take the supplies that the king gives them .
Explorers must not conquer unless given permission from the king
Explorers may not steal weapons

There are very few laws for voyages.They had 500 men and there was 100 men per ship so that’s five ships that the king had given the explorers.

The king gave explorers a certain amount of supplies for a voyage. The next law is explorers may never conquer without the king’s consent.The last law for voyages is explorers may not take extra weapons for the voyage or it will be considered stealing.
Spanish Religion
Cortes came to serve God. Spain became the great defender of the Roman Catholic religion. The Spanish firmly believed they had the right to conquer and colonize the Natives. In their minds, saving souls was worth destroying bodies, if need be. On the frontier of New Spain, in areas that would one day become an American Southwest, the procedure was somewhat different than it was in the heavily-populated areas of the Aztecs and Mayan lands to the south.
Most Spanish churches were very big churches and had more than one big room for the church service. Attempts were made in the 1st and 3rd century to establish a church in the Iberian peninsula. The situation of Christians in Iberia improved with the advent of the of the Edict of Milan 313 AD.

Spanish Land In The 16th Century
Spain owned lots of land during the time of the 1500s Including more then half of North America all of Central America and half of South America. Spain owned San Salvidor, Central America, Cuba, and half of South America. Spain conqured Navarre in 1524.
By: Alex, Sofia, Alessia, Carly, Emily, Owen, Teagan, Dylan, Hayden & James
The Spanish army has evolved over time. During the time of the conquest of the Aztecs, the early 16th century, the Spanish army was believed by many credited historians to be the most successful army. Spanish weapons in the 16th century included guns, artillary, horses, lances, swords, and crossbows. Spanish armor and uniforms included chestplates, helmets, longcoats, tunics, and blouses. Spanish battle tactics were very simple. Three flanks of five rows of soldiers lead by cavalry and horses assembled in a triangular formation around the enemy.
The Spanish culture is mostly made up of Ancient Roman Culture. The Spanish had many printing presses. The presses were used to make religious and legal books. The Spanish language is known as Castilian and it is also a romance language. The Spanish religion is the Roman Catholic. Spanish culture is mostly made up of religion.

Spanish music is made with the influence of Arabic music. Spanish music originally focused on pianos and organs. Then Spanish replaced those instruments with the guitar. Spain was a musical country for musicians to visit and play their music at. Spanish were a musical culture.

Spanish clothing styles were influenced from different cultures in Europe. Spanish clothing was very fancy with lots of decals and color. The people of Spain also made dresses that were used for special occasions. The Spanish had traditional clothing to wear for special occasions.
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In conclusion, the strength of the Spanish Empire should conquer the Aztecs to expand land and religion, and aquire gold and riches.
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