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The Sleepover Club!

Rules and Ideas for a perfect Sleepover! Plenty of fun!

Jess J

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of The Sleepover Club!

The Sleepover Club Rules! (fun ones) Don't split up with your mate! Don't be afraid of asking your buddy
if you don't understand something!!! Make sure your best budd is
included in everything you do! Don't get into an argument; you'll find,
after a while, that there was NO point in arguing Have the BEST fun you
possibly could!!! (most ideal rule!!!) Remember to use your common
sense with the rules!(very important!) Ideas! Play with a DS/DSI or Wii Make up silly names for
a particular someone (cheeky!) Play a horse game where you
do anything to do with horses (best suggestion!) Play a game where you have magical powers! Get really cosy and
make up some more ideas!!!
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