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Science Fair

No description

Vega Lund

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Science Fair

Lemons + Beans = ? Q and A Q: Why did you choose Lemon Juice and Beans? A: I was going to take a few different kinds of beans and see which grew the fastest. However then I would not have had a control. Q: What was your goal? A: I wanted to find out how Lemon Juice affected the growth of Bean Sprouts. Methods 1. Jars with screen lids 2. Putting seeds into the jars 3. Adding rinse water to jars 4. Adding lemon juice to one jar 5. Rinsed and drained jars sitting in the sun to sprout 6. Sprouting seeds! Results Data Table Growth Chart Uncertainties and Problems I was not sure if the lemon juice seeds would grow
I forgot to look at the jars every day so I estimated one day of graph data
I did not know if my experiment would work Conclusions I learned that lemon juice gives a head start to bean growth.
Water works better than lemon juice for long-term bean sprouting.
A mix of water and lemon juice might be a good liquid for starting a plant.
Sprouting beans is FUN!!! I wanted to see how lemon juice would affect seed growth. I got three different kinds of beans and put them into separate jars. Next I filled both jars with water, put one teaspoon of pure lemon juice into one of them, and let the seeds soak over night.

Every day I rinsed the sprouts out with water, however, I put one teaspoon of lemon juice in the same jar as before.

I shook both jars each day, poured them out, and left them in indirect sunlight to sprout. VIDEO: The Lemon Juice Rinse Process (Click Picture to Play) Cutting fabric for the lids Putting the fabric on the lids Putting beans in the jars Rinsing jars out Pouring out the water Getting the lemon juice Pouring the lemon juice into the jar The beans sitting on the stool Close-up of the beans Measuring the jars Drawing my graph Thank you for watching !
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