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Salesforce - Workflow Tips and Tricks

No description

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Salesforce - Workflow Tips and Tricks

Workflow Tips and Tricks
The Formula
Useful Situations:

Lead / Opportunity Grading

Record Completeness

Record Status
The Workflow
Configuration based triggers:

Field Updates - update fields when triggered

Email Alerts - send an email notification

Task Creation - task creation on events triggered

Outbound Message - making a web service call
How To?
Real Life Example: Lead Grading

15 Fields used to get one grade

1 formula fields used

1 Workflow rule with 2 field updates
End Result:
Combining workflows with formulas
Workflow rules - configuration based trigger

Formulas - powerful with compilation limits

Combine the two = Salesforce magic
15 Fields Used
9 General Ed Sciences

3 Nursing Specific Sciences

2 Number Fields
1 Formula Fields
1 Formula to total and Grade
1 Workflow Rule
1 Workflow rule

2 Field Updates
Final Product!
Needed Fields:
For this example we created 12 check box fields and 2 number fields.
Workflow Rule
& field update
Formula Field
Warning: the following can look scary:
Live Demo!!
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