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Jack London

No description

Anne 110gs

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Jack London

His Work
His lasting fame was brought about by his novel The Call of the Wild published in 1903.
He was one of the first authors to work with the movie industry, his novel The Sea Wolf became the bases for the first full length American movie
He was a strong believer in socialism, woman's suffrage, and prohibition. His writing also reflects this, strong female characters, the good guys don't drink and are always preforming for the better of the society.
His Short Stories
The White Silence
The Grit Of Woman
Typhoon Off The Coast Of Japan
The Son Of The Wolf
The Men Of The Forty Mile
Up the Slide
That Dead Men Rise Up Never
That Spot
The Apostle
The Sun Dogs Trail
Love Of Life
The White Silence
His Books
Call of The Wild J. London
The Sea-Wolf J. London
The People Of The Abyss J. London
A Daughter Of The Snows J. London
Son Of The Wolf J. London
White Fang J. London
Published in 1906
Published in 1903
Published in 1903
Published in 1904
Published in 1902
Published in 1900
The White Silence

In this story Three travelers are battling their way through Northern Canada.
his wife
and a friend
Malemute Kid
. Along the trail Mason becomes mortally wounded and paralyzed from the waist down when a tree falls on him . In kindness Kid kills Mason.
Mason, we learn about Mason by the way he talks to his dogs and the people around him. He is harsh and blunt, he whips his dogs. However he is kind to his wife and wants to give her and his unborn child everything. We see him making Malemute kid swear to protect them in his stead.
Jack London is his pen name his given name is John Griffith Chaney
He was born January 12, 1826 to Flora Wellman and Willam Chaney His mother later married John London the same year Jack was born
He educated himself at the local library but by age 13 was working 8 to 12 hour days in the canning factory.
At age 16 he became a sailor when he returned he became a hobo
When he was still 19 he enrolled in Oakland High California, while at the bar he normally studied at he confessed to the bar tender his dream to go to U of Berkeley CA the bartender lent him the money, there are, however no records that record his attendance at Berkeley
His first published writings were in his High School paper the first titled The Aegis based on his sailing adventure
He spent the winter of 1897 in the Yukon which later became inspiration for his first novels
About The Author
American author, journalist and social activist
Jack London
Ruth, is kind, caring, and loving. We learn this as she cares for her husband, is kind to the dogs. We see that she loves her husband by her show of emotion when she has to leave him to die.
Kid is compassionate, quiet, and tough. He cares for his dogs and his travailing companions, he has sworn to look after Ruth and the unborn child, he doesn't use the whip on his dogs and he does what needs to be done for the better of everyone around him.
The Grit Of Woman
Winter was no where near over and they had to get help and food soon! they were all starving all of them. The best travelers
and his wife
decided to take the best dogs and provisions and go, they were joined by another man by the name a
he told them of his strength "I will carry you when you can go no farther" he said. Soon enough he falls through the ice and dies, Passuk and Charley continue on, but Passuk is pregnant she dies of starvation not from being pregnant but also because she saves half of each meal and gives it to Charley before she dies. Only Charley is left to finish the journey. The characters are developed through Charley story.
The Son Of The Wolf
A northern trail blazer by the name of
Scruff Mackenzie
wants a woman to keep him company. So he prepares to bully the Raven tribe into giving him one of their woman. He succeeds by killing the shaman, their best hunter named
and insults the chief and his brother called
. He then wins the heart of the chief's daughter
and takes her away form he home and family. The characters are developed through their interactions with Mackenzie.
Mackenzie is tough, harsh, demanding and strong. He knows what he needs to do and does it, he takes what he wants and gives nothing back. He is able to beat all opponents and stay a step ahead of Mother Nature.
Charley is kind, strong, and determined. He is kind to his wife, he gives her the best he can, he is even kind to Jeff who is nothing but a waste of food. He is strong he is able to survive the journey. He is determined to survive and bring help to the others.
Passuk is docile, loving and strong. She does what ever her husband asks and knows what needs to be done and she does so with out complaint. She is loving to her husband even when he does not love her. She shows that she is strong because she can face the elements without complaint even better the the men.
Jack London's stories are about surviving, living, and staying one step ahead of Mother Nature
This is a list of some of his most well known books
His Family Tree
Jack London's stories are all about the wild and surviving it, they are filled with adventure and close calls. I found London's stories interesting. I enjoy learning about how people lived in he past and although London's stories are fictional I still gives a glimpse of what the past could have been like. I like the adventure in the stories but I find the male characters to be overbearing and very dramatic.
My Opinion
Theme - survival of the fittest
Irony - In a battle against mother nature you would think that the biggest and strongest person will win, however in both stories it becomes ironic. In the White Silence Mason, the strongest and toughest of the group predicts that they will be eating the weakest dog in a couple days. However that same day Mason becomes mortally wounded by a falling tree and they ended up killing the strongest dog to protect the food supplies. The irony is that the seemingly strong Mason and the strongest dog die, but the seemingly weak live on like Ruth and the weakest dog.
In The Grit of Woman the irony is similar, Passuk the woman lives, works harder then the men and doesn't say a word. Where as the big strong Jeff dies first and moans and complains the whole time.
Use of Metaphors and simile in the stories were strikingly different in The Grit of Woman they were used frequently an example is “At night we lay in the snow like dead people, and in the morning we went on our way walking like dead people.”- This is a simile describing how hard it actually was for Charley and Passuk. Then in The White Silence there are none.
Both stories were told in first person narration.
When the characters are at the verge of death, the weather becomes harsher but the characters a dreaming about spring. This happens to Passuk and Mason.
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