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Allusions to Mythology in Media Project

No description

Maria Skye

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Allusions to Mythology in Media Project

Allusions to Mythology in Media Project
Thank you for listening to our prezi!
Maria Tudora & Skye Knapen
Pd. 7

The Little Mermaid
The Hunger Games
Work of Art
Wrapped Around Your Finger
By The Police
Don't Look Back By She &Him
Meaning and Purpose:
Pandora was the very first woman and was all gifted. Much like the internet radio Pandora, it is full of great songs, and in Pandora's case it was her talents that she was full of. She was also very curious.
If you are curious like Pandora, you would go onto this app and look for amazing music. The internet radio should be full of talented musicians. But you won't need to worry about spreading disease and despair with this app.
Meaning and Purpose:
Hermes ( hence the winged shoe), the god that helped
send messages for Zeus, and also sometimes known as the god of travelers, trade, and commerce.
Goodyear wanted a god that would represent on how well the tires are good for traveling. Obviously the god of travelers would help.
Meaning and Purpose:
Scylla and Charybdis were horrible sea monsters, that when you went towards their path, it was impossible to escape because they were so close to one another.
Purpose and Meaning:
Orpheus traveled to the underworld and sang beautifully first to the queen there; Persephone. His music was so moving that he brought even Hades to tears. He was allowed to take Eurydice back to life, but he could not turn around.
The girl in the music video felt that she looked back too much in the past and found only nothing of what she was hoping to see. And as she looked forward she saw no hope with this person. It shows how hard it is to be together when you look only at the past.
( Harry Potter
by J.K Rowling)

Purpose and Meaning:
The mermaids are supposed the be the sirens. Poisedon is represented as Ariel's Father (king of the sea). The idea of Ursala came from the Greek monster Scylla.
Purpose and Meaning:
Sick Bacchus

In Greek mythology mermaids aren't supposed to be nice creatures, but in the movie it ironically shows them as friendly. Ariel's father is like Poisedon and must be obeyed since he is the ruler of the sea ( and her father ). Ursala is as wicked as the monster in mythology. These allusions were used to show how love is almost impossible/ always troublesome with mythological creatures involved.
Meaning and Purpose:
McGonagall was always very stern with her students and extremely serious 90% of the time. She very rarely showed weakness to emotion, like the goddess herself. The transformation and sacred animal showed us her great power to fool people.
Obviously Minerva McGonagall was a master of magic as Pallas Athena ( known in Roman Mythology as Minerva) was sometimes represented as the goddess of magic as well as other arts. Her sacred animal was the cat, since she transformed into it quite a bit ( Athena's was the owl ).
Ariel saves a shipwrecked prince that she fell in love with but was forbidden to by her father. Later she goes to Ursula for help but is tricked and in the end the prince and Ariel get married with father's approval.
By Caravaggio
Primavera By Sandro Botticelli
Zephyrus, the wind of March, kidnaps and takes away the nymph Chloris, that he later marries and transforms into the goddess of Spring, eternal bearer of life, and is throwing roses on the ground
The teacher in the song thinks the student is still stuck and has no clue. But in reality he knows more than he seems.
The song is vaguely about the relationship between a student and his teacher, In the end the master is the student and the teacher is shocked.
""You consider me the young apprentice Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes...""
""Orpheus melted the heart of Persephone, but I never had yours...""

A girl that is hoping for her relationship to work. But her future with this person seems to get ruined as she looks to the past.
Fahrenheit 451
By Ray Bradbury
""Old Montag wanted to fly near the Sun and now that he's burnt his wings, he wonders why.""

Meaning and Purpose:
Referring to the myth of Icarus who had a father that made him wings. But he flew too high and melted his wings. A character ( Beatty ) was telling Montag that his own spite against the law was the reason of his falling.
This shows the mocking character of Beatty and how Montag was aware of the consequences, but in the end he was still in shock.
A girl finds herself through many events leading after another in a battle to the death with 23 other teenagers. Surviving almost solely on the motivation to come back to her sister.
Katniss is in the woods and encounters a deer she plans to shoot, much like Diana the Roman goddess of the hunt ( who was frequently associated with deer hunting ). Also, like Diana she is interrupted and scolds the person ( Gale ) that makes her lose her prey. Unlike Katniss, Diana turns her interrupter into a stag and sends her hounds on him.
Much like the goddess she has the power to scold ( but chooses not to ). She is being compared to a strong goddess of hunting; that is a great compliment and show of power.
The god of wine and parties is shown as carefree and drunk. ( this is actually a self-portrait of the painter as he was in a long hospitalization )
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