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Coca Cola

No description

Linh Tran

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of Coca Cola

Strong brand image and foothold in Vietnamese market
Target Customers
COca Cola
Luong Hong Van

Nguyen Bao Van

Bui Ngoc Van Trang

Nguyen Trong Minh Sang

Yu Hsu Chia

Tran Viet Linh
Started in Atlanta
Entered Vietnam and Officially Established
500+ Brands
3000+ Beverages
Market Share
Low-penetration price
Offer more on the quantity, size of products
Pricing Strategy
Three main factories located in North, Center, and Southern Vietnam, with Hanoi and HCM as local dealers and HCM as headquarter.

--> Equal and adequate distribution system.

--> Competitive against Pepsi in terms of product availability.
Vertical Marketing System (VMS)
Ethical business practice and Corporate social responsibility
Target customer : Teenagers and Young adults
"Share a Coke" & "Chan sao phai rang"
Corporate Social Responsibility
Give away specialized bottles to encourage customers recycling

Clean water program since 2006
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Issues that need to be addressed
Other competitors
Event "Toys of Joy"
Tet Reunion
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