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I am number four

No description

lucas badger

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of I am number four

By Pitticus Lore I AM NUMBER FOUR Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Thoughts I am number four is my book.
Pittacus Lore is the author of my book. Characters: John, Henri, Sam, Sarah, and
Bernie Kosar
John and Henri move to Paradise, Ohio after a long journey running from an alien race called the Mogadorians.
John is from a planet called Lorien and is number four of nine Garde who escaped the distruction of their planet. The Garde are gifted children that have different legacies that are to be used to defeat the Mogadorians so that they may one day return to their planet. Henri gets kidnapped, John and Sam go to find him. When John and Sam find Henri they find out that the whole thing was a trap and that the Mogadorians were waiting for John to come find Henri. John, Sam, and Henri escape from the Mogadorians and go back to Paradise. John meets number six, and she helps them fight the Mogadorians.

Henri is killed by one of the Mogadorians while fighting.

Henri is cremated after the battle. John, Sam, six, and Bernie Kosar are on the run looking for the rest of the Garde. If they find each other they have a greater chance of survival and stopping the Mogadorians. I think this is a very good book becuase it keep you on your toes. If you love action you will love this book. John gets his 3rd scar showing that number three is dead and that his is next. Henri, John's Cepan, takes John to Paradise, Ohio so they don't draw to much attention. John gets his first legacy, and begins his training with Henri soon after. John and his friend Sam start to get bullied at school, so John stands up for Sam and gets in trouble with the principal Climax Also check out Book 2 "The Power of Six"
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