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The Children of God

No description

Tania Young

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Children of God

The Children of God David Berg Culture of the Children of God The 'Mo' Letters The Story of Davidito Ricky Rodriguez Berg communicated with followers through more than 3000 published letters written over 24 years and referred to as the 'Mo' letters by members Davidito grows up..... David Berg The Children of
God David Berg Son of Rev. Virginia Lee Brandt - very well known as a superlative preacher Berg himself tried to make a place for himself as an independent preacher, but failed to really get a following until much later in life The message of the Children of God resonated with the anti-establishment vibes of the 1960's An unconventional group from its very beginnings, as its zealous hippie members issued a call for spiritual revolution and a return to the faith and lifestyle of the early Christians, picketed and decried the evils of war and injustice Members of the Children of God founded communes in various cities and they would proselytize in the streets and distribute pamphlets that shared their message - 42 million pamphlets distributed by 1972! Rejecting mainstream denominational Christianity - converts memorized scripture, took Bible classes and were expected to emulate the lives of early Christians David Berg was also known within the group as Moses David, Mo, Father David, and Dad to adult group members - and eventually as Grandpa to the groups youngest members Berg introduced through his letters that he was God's prophet for this time, establishing his spiritual authority within the group http://www.exfamily.org/pubs/ml/ml721.html Sexual Freedom
...at last! Flirty Fishing http://video.xfamily.org/view/110/dateline-nbc-a-child-lost-august-19-2005/ Child Abduction http://www.xfamily.org/index.php/ABC_News_20/20:_To_Bring_Her_Children_Home http://media.xfamily.org/audio/FTT/05/02%20Revolutionary%20Children%20of%20God.mp3 http://media.xfamily.org/audio/TCD/33/05%20Craving%20to%20Slake.mp3 http://media.xfamily.org/audio/Loving_Jesus/04/06%20Let%27s%20Make%20Love.mp3 More Music!
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