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FBI profile for frankenstein

No description

Ethan Icenhour

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of FBI profile for frankenstein

Williams Death Justine's Death Henry's Death Elizabeth's Death Suspect Profile Suspect is Tall, Ugly, has a Greenish tinted skin, long nasty hair, and has on raggedy clothes He has an odd limp, yet can run and scale a mountain like a super being He is dressed in odd clothing, it is to small for him yet has been stretched to fit him, and is dirty and in rags The suspect was apparently born in a laboratory, where someone has brought him back from the dead He was raised alone, learned to survive, eat, and talk on his own Suspect has apparent anger issues, it doesn't want to commit said crimes, but feels he has to in order to achieve or teach someone something his anger appears to stem from his father, or a father like figure The suspect holds not a specific object but a feeling or emotion that he holds dear, and that is compassion and love, because he feels he never got it in the earlier days of his life The suspect knows much about how he was created and thus the secrets to life The suspects contemporary counterpart is his creator, because without it he would not be alive Based on all evidence found Major differences between Frankenstein's Monster, and Jack the Ripper Monster Jack the Ripper Mutilated his victims bodies All victims were female Victims were friends or family of one person Supposedly killed for a purpose Killed for pleasure Both killed people I feel they both wanted a mate Disliked by society
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