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February Monthly Reflection

8th Grade Project

Jennifer T

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of February Monthly Reflection

February Monthly Reflection
This month, my mentor and I were able to meet one time. We talked about what we were going to do next since I finished playing Crystallize and memorizing it. I decided that I wanted to work on new songs for the solo/ensemble festival, and work on improving school music so that I can do well at the CHSAA festival. I wanted to practice sight reading too. Sight reading is when you look at a piece you've never seen before, and play as perfect as possible. It's hard because you don't know what the song sounds like, and you're not allowed to play it on your instrument until it is time to play the whole thing perfectly. Last year, I didn't do too good. I have bee preparing a lot more this year, so I hope I can do a lot better at my second CHSAA festival.
Progress This Month
Goals For Next Month
Warning: Please be patient, videos may take a while to load.
Thank You!
Works Cited
This month, I was able to learn to play "Ancient Ritual," "Pink Panther," and "Highland Cathedral." Each of them were different styles of music. I had to learn techniques and dynamics to match the style of music. For "Pink Panther," I had use swing style to make it sound playful. "Ancient Ritual" is a mysterious yet beautiful song. I had to use vibrato to make is sound beautiful. I also had to put on a mute to make it quieter and more mysterious. For the last piece, I used vibrato. Highland Cathedral is a slow, steady, and beautiful piece. It's hard to play since many people tend to speed up. We also wanted to make it sound better by playing the dynamics. This piece is too easy to mess up. This month, I was able to learn C major scale 3 octave. By doing this, it required to shift into sixth, seventh, and eighth position. I have also practiced a song by Vivaldi. It's a more challenging
piece that I plan to play for my high school audition. I
have gotten a lot of practice done on sight reading
as well. Now, I can be more prepared
for the CHSAA festival in April.
Next month, I plan to start preparing myself for the solo/ensemble festival at Legacy High School. I'm going to do this by playing a piece by Vivaldi. I have to do a lot of work on it because there are a lot of places to shift. There are also many accidentals. Accidentals are notes that aren't written in the key signature, and only apply for that measure. I also want to work more on my vibrato. Even though I have the motion down, it still hasn't reached that beautiful vibrato that professionals use yet. Mrs. Rino says that I'll have a beautiful vibrato by the time I get to high school. I can almost shift into all the positions. When shifting into the higher positions, I have to be careful to not make the spacings too big. The higher up you shift, the smaller the spacings get. My bowing need some more work as well. I have to pay more attention when I'm playing. When I don't, my
bow starts to drift to the fingerboard. I want to
keep it 1/2 way between the fingerboard
and bridge to achieve the best
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This is a video of me playing part of Highland Cathedral.
Here is a video of professionals playing Highland Cathedral.
Here is a video of me playing Tam Lyn. This is the most recently received in orchestra.
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