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Great Zimbabwe

No description

Courtney Bachert

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe History Decline? Great Zimbabwe was the capitol city of The Kingdom of Zimbabwe. During the 11th century, the first monument was constructed, and it continued to be built until about the 14th century. This monument was called "The Great Enclosure". Spanning an area of 1,780 acres, The Great Enclosure could hold up to 18,000 people. Great Zimbabwe acted as a "royal palace" for the Zimbabwean monarch, and would have been utilized as the seat of their political power. The Great Enclosure was constructed of cut-out
stones, using no mortar, with walls that were 36ft high and 15ft thick. The ruins cover a radius of 100-200 miles. Eventually the city was abandoned, and fell into ruin. The ruins are some of the oldest and largest structures located in Southern Africa. Causes for the decline and abandonment of the site are unofficial, but it has been suggested as to to a decline in trade, compared to sites further north, political instability, famine, and drought induced by climatic change. Trade Evidence from archaeologists suggests that
Great Zimbabwe was a trade center, and traded things like gold, cattle, slaves and ivory. Trades from India and China even passed through the city. Photos Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Zimbabwe#Construction_and_growth

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