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Introducing CredHive

Disrupting the job hunt experience.

Tracey Parsons

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Introducing CredHive

Creds are visual proof of experiences

CredHive is a new way of storing & presenting your work experience.

Because the old way doesn't really say much.

In the Hive, you...
Store your best work
Control your hunt
Raising your Antenna
Never again leave an amazing deliverable behind! Have your best work available for next time you need it. And when you are ready for a new challenge, you can broadcast your intent by...
Then, employers will be able to see and search your best work. But only your best work that you are storing, not your name, or a listing of your work history or spam you with email. This allows you to...
Employers who like your work will ping you with opportunities. If you want to reveal yourself and your contact info, that's up to you. If not, your antenna learns about what you want and adjusts.
But Why CredHive?
Store & curate your best work

The Hive is private, so if your antenna is off, no spam, just a nice place to store your beautiful work.

And when you are ready to change jobs, you control the experience by remaining anonymous to jobs that are not interesting to you.

My Big Idea!
Got 2,000 people back in the program in one month.
Holy BS!
See the difference?
For Example...
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