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Inspiration Project

No description

Sunanda Kannan

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Inspiration Project

Who is It?
Suhda Chandran

She is a famous Indian actress and dancer. When she was young, she lost a part of her leg in a car accident. However, she still continued to dance and was considered one of the best. I first heard of her when I was 9 and ever since then, I considered her an inspiration to myself and others.
Source of Inspiration
I find her very inspiring because of her persistence in situations. Even with her leg amputated and the fact that she probably won't dance as well ever again, she still keeps going and doing what she loves. This has always inspired me to work hard in everything I do, even if at a significant disadvantage. This, in my opinion makes her a wonderful role model.
How has Source Influenced Me
Sudha Chandran has inspired me from a young age to work hard for everything that I do, especially if it relates to physical activity. After hearing about her, I always made sure that even if I didn't like an activity, that I would give it my 100% effort.
I would believe that I help others aspire to be active with a sense of leadership and positivity in team settings. One example is when I inspired a good friend of mine to try out for a school volleyball team, even though she didn't think of herself as a good player. However, I worked with her and pushed her until she made our senior girls volleyball team and was captain for a large number of our games. That experience as well as many others allow me to help others be and stay active.
Motivation to Stay Active
My greatest motivation in staying active is a sense of personal achievement and honor to myself. I always try to better myself in all skills that I acquire and I try to keep that ideology active in physical activity. My other motivation of honor is to keep myself and my loved ones in high regards to others with a sense of commitment and hardworking ideals.
Physical Challenges to Conquer
Try to make it onto the M.E. Lazerte Girls Volleyball Team

Lose 10 pounds by the end of the year

Work towards maintaining a healthy physique
The End!
Inspiration Project
By: Sunanda Kannan
Aspiring Others
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