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Akira Complete

Register Patient workflow

Kyle Pearn

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Akira Complete

Established in 2003, Akira Systems has enabled clients to achieve success through industry-specific expertise, quality services and collaborative relationships based on core business values akira complete a customizable EMR solution
targeting chronic care 6 fundamental areas identified within our chronic care model self management
decision support
delivery systems design
clinical information systems
organization of health care
community and collaboration an information system that can track individual patients as well as populations of patients akira complete currently has profiles within the following chronic care clinics LHSC - Cystic Fibrosis Clinic
LHSC - Genetics Clinic
Specilist Asthma Clinic how do we fit in? akira complete is designed to extend existing medical sysetms suchas Cerner / Meditech. These systems are geared towards handling generic patient information like billing, schedule and high level patient care details. via communications protocols like HL7 or as a stand alone system, akira complete can be customized uniquely to accommodate an individual clinic's needs track specific details such as... visit
patient charts
questions & concerns
test and treatments
akira complete demo prenatal screening appointment admin/receptionist counseller counseller gets notified of assigned task admin logs in to register new patient profile and request admin get notified of completed task and books the appointment thank you.
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