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Goodbye Miss Macmillan

No description

thames thames

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Goodbye Miss Macmillan

Goodbye Miss Macmillan
There was a cute baby called Fiona Macmillan who dicided to be a villian.
Miss Macmillan
She turned into a beautiful dragonfly.......
When she became a bit older....
Flew to London and she became a nice, clever girl, she studied russian too. She took to enjoyment of culture & music.....
The dragonfly................
When she was in the U.K.....
After that.............
Then she came to Budapest, to Britannica School and taught the fifth formers. She kept herself active in high-jump running and swimming.
Became as popular as the queen..............
She was as beautiful as a butterfly. She had high interest in Painting, Sculpture.( Making life size images from stone.)
Here's a poem about her
An untimely teacher Ms Macmillan

Who liked to count down from a zillion

If the class was not clean

She could turn really mean

And our homework was times by a trillion.
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