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Hephaestus by Spencer Sveda

No description

Jaci Howard

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Hephaestus by Spencer Sveda

HEPHAESTUS THE GOD OF FIRE AND FORGE HOW HE WAS BORN He was born by Hera and Zeus. When he was born Hera tossed him off Mt.Olympus! She tossed him over mt.Olyumpus because Hera thought he was to ugly. When she threw him over Hephaestus hurled through the sky and was heading straight for the sea! WEAPONS Hephaestus made all the greek Gods/Goddess when the war between Cronus and the Gods/Goddess
He made Hermes helmet and sandals.
Armor of Achilles.
Also Eros's bow and arrow. When he fell in the water two nereids had there arms out to catch him. They cared for him like it was the own child. Hephaestus became a young man.But his legs were still crooked and weak.His arms were strong and was skilled in the work of iron and decorative. He was Hephaestus made a throne for Hera and sent it to Mt.Olympus. When Hera got the throne she sat in it and she was stuck and levitated. That shows that he is clever and cunning Hephaestus forge was located under a erupting volcano. His brother was Ares the god of war. Hephaestus had blue eyes. His favorite
color was scarlet "red mixed with orange". Some people say that hes the
father of Eros. Also Zeus lightning bolt Hephaestus
God of fire and forge Hephaestus is born Hephaestus mother and father was Zeus and Hera. When he was born Hera hated him and threw him off Mt.Olympus. From bad to good When Hera threw Hephaestus off Mt.Olyumpus it took him 1 day for him to hit land. When he hit land he landed on his feet and disabled him for ever! A Blacksmith is born By Spencer Sveda Hephaestus started making jewelry and valuable braclets. Time passed and he became better and better. Famous builds Hephaestus made many valuable pieces of jewelry and unique weapons. He made
*Hermes winged sandals and winged hat
*Took part in the Trojan horse
*Talos and created Pandora
*Made Eros (Cupid) love bow and arrow The Masters forge Hephaestus forge is under a erupting volcano in Greece. The Injury plan When Hephaestus disabled his feet he made two robots. One is made of silver and the other robot was made of gold to help Hephaestus walk. For gods only Hephaestus also made temples for the gods. One little detail fits it all. A lock! The lock could only be open by the gods.
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