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J. Cody Moyer

No description

J. Cody Moyer

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of J. Cody Moyer

J. Cody Moyer
What is my Job?
I'm a Network Manager at an Elementary School in Bartow, Fl. I also run the daily school news show GNN with about 150 kids ages K-5.

I also work as a lead designer with a local T-shirt business creating images for their clients and projects.
My Life
I'm 28, born in Pennsylvania, Kittanning specifically (about an hr from Pittsburgh) and moved to Florida when I was 9.

I'm an active member in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and have been a Christian most of my life. Serving God by serving others is one thing I love most.
I enjoy helping kids and building meaningful relationships that make a difference.

The Dogs...
Lucy- sheltie
Chloe- mutt (rescue)
Murphy- goldendoodle
My Family
I am married to the most wonderful and beautiful woman I've had the opportunity to know, and she puts up with me every day... (3 years so far)

My wife, Autumn, works for Warner University as the Director of Career Counseling.

Listening to Music
Singing & Playing Piano
Enjoying the Lake
Being Batman
Being the Favorite Uncle
Video Production
My Hobbies/Interests
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