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Bidding to Host NACURH 2015!

No description

Amanda Christianson

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Bidding to Host NACURH 2015!

• National Association of College
and University Residence Halls. • Will bring many new leadership
opportunities to campus! We need YOUR help! What positions are there? What is NACURH? What is the next step? • Organization for student leaders across
the United States, Canada, and the globe. • Largest student run organization in the world • Within NACURH there are 8 regional affiliates: MACURH: Midwest Affiliate
CAACURH: Central Atlantic Affiliate
GLACURH: Great Lakes Affiliate
IACURH: Inter-Mountain Affiliate
NEACURH: North East Affiliate
PACURH: Pacific Affiliate
SAACURH: South Atlantic Affiliate
SWACURH: South West Affiliate Bidding to host
NACURH 2015 Why should we host a conference? • Will give us, NDSU, a chance to show
NACURH what we have to offer •Will help students gain experience and growth
through many different opportunities Conference Bid Chair Entertainment Chair NBD Liaison Hospitality Chair Ceremonies Chair Registration Chair Dining Chair Communications Chair Facilities Chair Finance Chair Sponsorship Chair Programming Chair Housing Chair Transportation Chair Security Chair Technology Chair Volunteer/Philanthropy Chair Spirit Chair •Fill out the NACURH 2015 Conference Team Application ANY QUESTIONS? Things to consider when applying •It is potentially a two and a half year commitment • You must live on campus • Be ready for a once in a
life time opportunity The RHA 2012-2013 Executive Board at NACURH 2012 in Boulder, CO MACURH Riding the Pony NACURH 2012 Opening Ceremony
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