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Garden of the Plagues - Book presentation

(1024 x 768 - Projector)

Hava Maliku

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Garden of the Plagues - Book presentation

Garden of the Plagues
I. The author
presented by Hava Maliku
II. Main characters
III. Scene that impressed me the most
IV. My opinion
- published in 2005
The End
Thank you for your attention !
Garden of the Plagues
A combination of realism and the fantastic to generate a lively portrait of Cape Town in the
17th century
When the Tulp sails into Table Bay, it bears four dead passengers and a rumour of Plague.The novel is about Adam Wijk, a reclusive gardener and part-time doctor.
The gardener is ordered by Commander Van der Stel to take care of the only surviving passenger. A stranger enters Wijk's lonely life, a woman from a seemingly plague-ridden Dutch ship. As he cares for the sick woman he finds that she reawakens in him feelings, which were long dead and their relationship develops into a tearful love story.
Russel Brownlee
The Author
lives in Cape Town
The plague
an infectious disease that causes high mortality; pestilence.
if the disease is left untreated, it kills very fast about half of its victims
the bubonic plague was the disease that caused the Black Death, which killed millions of people in Europe in the Middle Ages
in 2006, Garden of the Plagues won the Olive Schreiner Prize for literature and was shortlisted for the Sunday Times literary award
Garden of the Plagues is a novel with a new way of looking at the colonial past of Cape Town
The Olive Schreiner Prize is a yearly award to new and ambitious talents administered by the English Academy of South Africa
Main Characters
in his alternate life he works with writing and internet media
Adam Wijk
Simon van der Stel
Byronic hero
Lord Byron, 1821
Named after the British poet Lord Byron, the Byronic hero "does not possess heroic virtue in a usual sense"; instead, he has many dark qualities. With regard to his intellectual capacity, self-respect and hypersensitivity, the Byronic hero is "larger than life" and "with the loss of his titanic passions, his pride and his certainty of self identity he loses also his status as a traditional hero."
(Thorslev, Byronic Hero Types and Proto, p. 187)
that impressed
me the most
The Book "Garden of the Plagues" by Russel Brownlee; (Human & Rosseau)
Any Questions?
My Opinion
An unexpected ending, somehow poignant/touching.
At first I paged through the book, but my eyes didn't take in what is written there, because I didn't understand what happens in the book, but as time went by, I got used to it, red some sections a few times and started to understand more and more.

The story want to tell us, not to trust people easily & that things sometimes not are, as they seem to be.
In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anybody who isn't afraid of a high level of language.
- Garden of the Plagues is his first published novel
- published in 2005
He draws his inspiration from history, philosophy and landscapes.
Cape Town
by Russel Brownlee
is part-time physician was a physician during the Black Death in London
Hendrick Claudius
Joachim van Arckel
the surviving woman
Main character
Minor characters
falls in love with the surviving woman
takes care of the surviving passenger
life coach and therapist
focused on self-actualization and mind-body wellness
gardener and botanist caring for the Company's gardens
has a mysterious character
drinks a lot of brandy (alcohol)
I want to read you the scene, that has impressed me the most
The scene that impressed me the most
V. Sources
deaf and mute
has not a name / can't remember
has to marry with Hendrick Claudius
lives in Adam Wijk's house
was for a while in Amsterdam
at the end comes to light that she is a quality whore
painter and physician
was sent from Batavia some years previously compendium of medicinal plants
a friend of Adam Wijk
interrogates Catholics and arrests people gets in trouble with Commander Van der Stel can't marry with the surviving woman
the Company's garden
the Castle
last Commander & first Gorvernor
of the Cape Colony, the Dutch
Settlement at the Cape of Good Hope
in South Africa

suggests Adam Wijk to marry the surviving woman
a rocky headland on the Atlantic coast in South Africa
comes from Batavia to Cape Town
elementary teacher
marries the beautiful Anneke
couldn't believe his luck
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