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Is peace possible in between Israeli and Palestine

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popo opop

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Is peace possible in between Israeli and Palestine

Is peace possible between Israeli and Palestine
By: Naes Smith and Justin Roberts
Maps of no peace
This map shows that it can be divided.
They have been fighting for years
In the 1900's the fight started because the Jews wanted their land back from the Palestinians because they lost their land during the Holocaust.
Is peace possible
In my opinion I say no because their are so many monuments, statues, and Holy places. And it will be really hard to divide the land and I will not force the two sides to live with each other.- Naes S. In my opinion I say yes
because there is hope, Palestine need to just say yes to some of the plan and ideas.
Israeli Quit
Israelis are given the Palestinians great deals and land areas but the Palestinians want it all.The Palestinians want the land,just because they were there when Israel left .
Can it divide
Thank You for Listening.
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